Himalayan Salt Lamp Products

Basic FAQs

Does My Salt Lamp Come with User Manual

What is the origin of my salt lamp?

Where is the salt range located?

What are Negative Ions?

What can these negative ions do for me?

Are negative ions depleted in environment? Why?

Why negative ions emitted by these lamps are so important?

Is the Himalayan Salt harmful for animals?

Why should I prefer SourceDIY over other brands?

What is the origin country of Himalayan Rock Salt?

Is the salt used in these lamps edible?

How Himalayan Salt is better than Sea Salt?

My pet has licked the lamp? Is it hazardous?

How is the Himalayan Crystal Salt Mined?

Is there any examination done for Himalayan Crystal Salt?

General FAQs

What are the Therapeutic Benefits of Crystal Salt?

Product Care

How should I clean my salt lamp?

Should I keep the Lamp on all the time?

Is it safe to keep the lamp on at night while I sleep? This is my first Himalayan Salt Lamp.

Any special instructions for the children?

How should I clean and use my lamp?

Can I keep my Salt Lamp on all the time?

Is there something that I should especially take care of?

Does your company has a location where I can see the products?

Queries about Products

How these lamps work?

How do I change the light bulb?

What kind of light bulbs should I use?

Can I leave my lamp on for extended periods?

How long will my lamp’s rock last?

Do Salt Lamps melt, reduce in size or loose their ionising power over time?

Something that I should especially take care of?

Does the electric bill go up if the lamps stay on all the time?

Is there a difference between the quality of salt lamps and why do prices vary?

Which salt is Salt Lamp made up of?

How is salt lamp different from other lamps?

Are there any harmful substances used in the production of Salt Lamps?

What does the bath salt crystals smell like?

How do I use bath salts?

How much bath salt should I use?

What Contents bath salts have?