5 Things to Consider Before buying Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp

by Aiman Arif November 03, 2018

5 Things to Consider Before buying Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp


Through this informative article, we will try to deepen the subject, focusing on the characteristics of salt lamps, Facts, the importance and their air purification mechanism.

The Himalayan salt lamps are well known for their health benefits and relaxing light they emit.

1. A Big Question How does a Salt Lamp Work

Lightbulb placed in the centre of the salt rock that produces light along with slight heat required to generate negative ions due to natural phenomena.

2. How Salt Lamp Produce Negative Ions

Salt lamps work as natural ionisers due to natural phenomena between air, light and salt. The salt lamp interacts with the macromolecules of water present in the air, that reacts with the heat produced by the light bulb within the salt lamp, and as a result, they release sodium and chloride ions, which carries the negative charge.

The formation of negative ions is directly proportional to the size and weight of the salt lamp. 

The Importance of Negative Ions Produced by The Himalayan Salt Lamps

The salt lamps produced negatively charged ions which helps to maintain the electromagnetic balance in the environment. And stimulate the immune system. Also, they are helpful in relaxation and induce sleep. It is believed that the excess of positive ions in the air adversely affects the production of serotonin, which is a hormone involved in mood regulation.

 3. Himalayan Salt Products Are Best Air Purifiers

Himalayan salt products are best air purifiers and work as an alternative to the traditional tools. They purify the air with the help of negative ions emitted when they are lit.

4. Salt Lamps Emit Relaxing Soothing Light varying in colour 

Salt lamps produce relaxing, soothing light, it makes them the best alternative to its competition. Colour is ranging from light pink to orange hue for each specific lamp. The colour of light depends on the formation of rock and colour due to this fact no two salt lamps can be the same.

Salt lamps not only purify the air but also used for chromotherapy. The colour of light emitted by the Himalayan salt lamp help with harmony, thus promoting the relaxation of the body.

5. Origin of Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp

The Himalayan salt lamps are handcrafted by using the crystal rock salt mined from the Himalayan salt foothill located in Pakistan near Himalayan mountain ranges.

The whole world best knows Himalayan salt due to its healthier features. This salt mostly used for cooking, table salt, animal licking products, natural salt lamp, crafted salt lamps (in different shapes) and other decoration pieces. Himalayan salt used primarily because of its purifying, neutral and organic abilities. 


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