A Natural Therapy By Himalayan Salt

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A Natural Therapy By Himalayan Salt

A Natural Therapy By Himalayan Salt

Halotherapy is a complementary natural treatment that improves respiratory, dermatological and nervous system disorders.

How it Discovered that Himalayan Salt is Beneficial for Health

250 years ago the miners of the Himalayas, the chain of mountains in Pakistan, worked day and night in the salt caves, the predictions about their health were not very hopeful. Many thought that their constant inhalation of salt dust from the mine would cause them serious health problems. They were wrong.

     How it Discovered that Himalayan Salt is Beneficial for Health

According to Doctor Feliks Boczkowski

Feliks Boczkowski, the doctor in charge of passing the review to these miners, discovered that these workers did not suffer from health problems. On the contrary, by inhalation around these salt mines, they were free of respiratory and dermatological problems, and even escaped tuberculosis, a disease that suffered a significant part of society.

After several studies, Boczkowski concluded that the environment they breathed, impregnated with salt microparticles, was the one that protected them. This doctor studied more than 30 pathologies, some of them as common as asthma and exhaustion. 

The Underground Cathedral Of The Salt Of Poland

Nowadays, these caves are declared World Heritage by UNESCO  and known by the nickname "the underground cathedral of the salt of Poland". They have a depth of 327 meters and a length of more than 300 kilometres. The handicap of distance, poor accessibility and high cost of speleotherapy (to remain in caves or underground mines) led to the emergence of a unique method to reproduce the microclimate of salt mines: halo generators. The Himalayan salt is known as "White Gold", and it is very precious.

         The Underground Cathedral Of The Salt Of Poland

Single Room With Himalayan Brick Used for Halotherapy

Russia was in charge of developing this technology that gave rise to the so-called halotherapy. A complementary natural therapy that consists of reproducing the microclimate of these underground salt mines and breathing in an environment saturated by microparticles of rock salt 100% natural, of mining origin.

Some salt cavities are present in Toledo and Madrid, where calcium offers the benefits of these salt cavities. This is the second centre that this franchise specialised in halotherapy opens in Spain.

Gutiérrezis Point of Views about Himalayan Salt Natural Therapy 

Faustino Gutiérrezis, the director of the middle in Toledo, says, "We decided to bet on this natural therapy because my wife started with a psoriasis problem on the floor of the hands and feet. He went to the dermatologist, and at first, he did not guarantee anything. He also warned her that she had to commit to having no more children and that the treatment she was going to prescribe could affect her liver. A few days later we saw on TV a report on the centre of Calcium in Madrid and began to give a few sessions. It improved a lot ".

      Gutiérrezis Point of Views about Himalayan Salt Natural Therapy

A Halotherapy Cabin Prepared by Gutiérrezis

C proposes to emulate the polish salt caves in the most reliable way possible. To do this, he has projected thick sea salt on the walls and tons of fine sea salt on the surface. All this is control by a fourth-generation halogen generator, a device that grinds salt between 0.5 and 1.5 microns so that it can be inhaled and impregnated into the skin in each session. The rooms also equipped with a laser that controls the concentration of microparticles, while the rest of the sensors measure temperature and humidity.             

Himalayan salt natural therapy provides many health benefits and saves us from many diseases. The halotherapy cabin is indeed complete from Himalayan salt. A taste test confirmed this. 

             Halotherapy cabin taste test.

Gutiérrez says

"Being a dry environment and the microparticles of salt in the air, this allows us to reach the lung alveoli,”

The union of this technology with the properties of salt - properties antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory - achieves the benefits of Polish salt caves, even with higher success rates as a controlled process.

According to the director of Calcium in Toledo. "Salt has a non-molecular atomic structure, but an electrical one. Sodium chloride aerosols have a significant adverse ionic charge, while the surface of the airways has a minimal positive charge. Therefore the fascination of these particles is much more stable on the bronchial mucosa, managing to clear the airways. 

Example of a Small Child

These advances already understood by some of the users who have come to the headquarters. As an example, Gutiérrez told ABC about the story of a cold mother who went to the centre with her six-month-old girl suffering from a bronchiolitis problem: "The paediatrician stated her that if within two to three days the girl did not expel the mucus, would have to enter. They came to the centre and in her first session, the mother told me that the little girl had started her first phlegm, even she felt much better of her constipation.

     A Natural Therapy By Himalayan Salt

Halotherapy Recommendations by Experts

The experts recommend ten sessions, three a week, to notice useful improvements in the pathology. Halotherapy is recognised as an effective natural drug- free treatment for certain chronic lung conditions. It has been clinically tested and proven to provide substantial benefits for people with respiratory problems (asthma, bronchiolitis, cystic fibrosis, cough, constipation, pneumonia, rhinitis), ear disorders (otitis), dermatological issues (atopic dermatitis, acne, psoriasis, eczemas) or disorders of the nervous system (stress and exhaustion), among other conditions. 

The improvements can reach up to 92% in the case of respiratory problems and reach 62% in dermatological issues. "We must make it clear that this is not Lourdes, we do not perform miracles, but we can achieve considerable improvements,"

                     Halotherapy Recommendations by Experts

Three Sessions Per Week of Natural Halotherapy

Himalayan salt natural therapy is a completely natural method, which reduces the use of medications and improves lung function and quality of life. Since this type of administration of sodium chloride does not require physical contact with the patient, it makes its management easier to apply in pediatric practice than other treatments such as nebulisers or pharmaceutical medicine.

      Three Sessions Per Week

Some Football Clubs Have Incorporated It Because It Improves The Recovery

This therapy is also useful for athletes. When dehydrated, muscles lose significant amounts of water and mineral salts, creating a state of physical, mental, emotional and mental fatigue and exhaustion. Thanks to this method, it improves recovery and sports performance, as it causes better lung function and respiratory capacity. Halotherapy is recognised as clinical therapy in the United States, Canada, Italy and England, while in Russia it is part of the health system as conventional therapy, and football clubs such as CSKA Moscow or Bayern Munich have it included in the routine of their workouts.

   Some Football Clubs Have Incorporated It Because It Improves The Recovery

Halotherapy Cabins in Calcium Toledo

Calcium Toledo has three rooms to develop this therapy:

  1. A collective for adults and children
  2. Another individual specifically designed to treat dermatological problems (with Himalayan salt bricks), where users can stay in underwear, bathing suit or nude so that the salt microparticles deposited on the superficial layers of the skin.
  3. And the cave, the largest of all rooms, with more than five tons of salt projected by the walls and distributed on the floor.

According to Gutiérrez, the recommended to achieve a sufficient improvement of the pathology are ten sessions, three per week with a duration of 40 minutes for children and 50 for adults each. 

        Halotherapy Cabins in Calcium Toledo

Create Own Natural Therapy Spa in Home

Now, this is very easy to create your therapy cave by placing the different size and colours of the salt lamps and various products of salt in your room and around you and take benefit from Himalayan salt natural therapy.

        Create Own Therapy Spa in Home     


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