Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp Sizes Guide For Gaining Maximum Health Benefits

by Aiman Arif November 22, 2018 5 min read

Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamps Room Size Guide For Gaining Maximum Health Benefits

Salt Lamp Sizes Guide for the Room

We all know how the installing of a Himalayan salt lamp in every room of the house can be useful to us. Choose different sizes and tones of salt lamps for every place and follow the Himalayan salt lamp sizes guide for gaining maximum health benefits.

   Size Guide for Choosing Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamp Health Claims

Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamps are getting tremendously famous these days for their air-cleansing properties and numerous other benefits like controlling the symptoms of allergies, relieve sinus and asthma, combatting depression, migraine, insomnia, and many other health issues. The list of health claims of these lamps is quite long, impressive and the most remarkable fact is that medical evidence supports these facts. 

Himalayan Salt Lamp Sizes Depends Upon:

As a general rule, the relative size of your lamp in a given space should be proportional to the time you spend in that room. Salt lamp sizes guide helps to provide maximum health benefits.

Many people have claimed that they felt much better and relieved with their health problems by keeping one or more of these lamps in their surroundings.   

Salt lamp sizes also depend on the place where it has to place, for example In a small room the microphone should suffice. On the other hand, a large dining room should have a bigger lamp.

Know that these lamps never become saturated, whatever the energies they can absorb. This applies to vibratory, metaphysical and material loads. Negative ions will not only bring a soothing and refreshing atmosphere to every room in your home, but the salt crystal lamps will also absorb moisture. They can also help kill pathogens in the air, keeping everyone at home stronger and healthier.

illumination of Salt Lamp

Another factor to consider when choosing the optimum size of a Himalayan salt lamp is lighting. A 5 kg to 7 kg lamp can cover a radius of 4 to 5 meters and provide sufficient lighting for most rooms.

A lamp of this size is also ideal for pets or any other area of the house with strong odours.

         Himalayan Salt Lamp Health Claims 

Some user's point of views about salt lamps:

  1. These salt lamps are very atmospheric and relaxing, I thoroughly recommend them.
  2. My lamp is in use and has been very useful in helping with sinus problems and stopping me snoring. I am so over the moon with the efficiency of this lamp.
  1. This lamp was recommended by one of my friends to help me with my migraine and insomnia. I am using this lamp for about, ten days, and I already sleep better, and my headache is also relieved.      
  1. A salt lamp is the best thing that I ever owned. Beautiful looks perfectly match my furniture. Either turned on or off, it seems stunning both ways. It has also helped my son sleep better as he has chronic asthma. I have bought for my other rooms as well.

 Different Sizes and colours of Salt Lamps as a Home Decoration

Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamps are not only ideal for health, but they are also a great addition to your home decoration. They have such natural beauty and charm in their appearance that they can match any home decor. These can place in the bedroom, living room, hallway, kitchen or any other place according to the size of the salt lamp.

They will create the perfect ambient light effect because of their different colours range that starting from light pink to dark red. Salt from the Himalayas is known as "White Gold". Salt Lamps using as a decoration piece also produces a calming atmosphere that you had always longed.

    Different Sizes and colours of Salt Lamps as a Home Decoration

 Why Choose Right Size of Salt Lamp

One great confusion is that how to choose the perfect size of the lamp to gain maximum benefits as there are various sizes available. Many people said that these lamps did not work for them and they were disappointed while the problem is not with the salt lamp, the problem is only the wrong size of the Himalayan salt lamp.

It happened because they had not chosen their lamp size appropriately. The lamp was too small as compared to the room size.

Salt Lamp Sizes Guide

After a long-term study about how to choose the correct lamp size, a Salt lamp size guide developed.

There are several sizes of Micro Himalayan salt lamp (1 to 3 kg) to Jumbo (3 to 90 kg) salt lamps, or larger as custom lamps (135 kg). The area to be protected depends on the surface of the Himalayan salt lamp. Therefore, if a room requires a 40 to 60 lb salt lamp, you can also use 4 to 6 salt lamps of 10 lb each, for a better effect.

Micro Himalayan Salt Lamp =  1-3 kg

Jumbo Himalayan Salt Lamp = 3-90 kg

Custom Himalayan Salt lamp = 90-135 kg

   Salt Lamp Size Guide

Salt Lamp Guide Diagram for Reference.                      

50 sqr feet           1-2 KG Lamp
70 sqr feet           2-3 KG Lamp
100 sqr feet         3-5 KG Lamp
120 sqr feet         5-7 KG Lamp
150 sqr feet         7-9 KG Lamp
180 sqr feet         9-12 KG Lamp
210 sqr feet        12-15 KG Lamp


For example, in a small room, a micro salt lamp is enough. While in a large restaurant, it should have a more significant lamp. These lights are never saturated, no matter how much energy they absorb. This applies to vibration, metaphysics and material loading.

Just in case if the size of your place where you want to keep these lamps happens to be larger than the mentioned range, please increase the number of lamps accordingly.

Things to be Noticed In Salt Lamps That Vary with Size

Salt Lamp generate negative ions that not only bring a soothing and refreshing atmosphere to every room in your home, but salt crystal lamps also absorb moisture. They can also help kill pathogens in the air and make everyone stronger and healthier.

Sometimes you notice the liquid that flows from the lamp or the salt crystals that accumulate around its base; they show the moisture it absorbs and disappear within less than half an hour after ignition.

   Things to be Noticed In Salt Lamps That Vary with Size

Maintenance of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps do not require special maintenance. Their antistatic properties tend to prevent dirt and dust from depositing on them. Wipe the surface of the bulb with a soft, dry cloth. Protect the lamp from direct contact with water as it dissolves the salt. On a hot summer day, the lights should light up 24 hours a day.

While purchasing your Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp, keep this Salt lamp size guide in mind to obtain the maximum health benefits.

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