Improve Your Mood by Using Himalayan Salt Lamp

by Aiman Arif November 03, 2018

Improve Your Mood by Using Himalayan Salt Lamp

Improve Your Mood by Using Himalayan Salt Lamps

A Himalayan salt lamp has unique and unrepeatable healing characteristics. It is ideal for releasing tensions, providing peace and significantly Himalayan salt improves mood. Even our body is affected positively. All these thanks to its power to transform the environment. There are many other ositive attributes related to salt lamps.

  Improve Your Mood by Using Himalayan Salt Lamps

Beware of Positive Ion Contamination

An electric field surrounds the earth. This area is formed by positively or negatively charged ions. In addition to natural factors, various actions and products of man have immersed us in a large field of positive ions that are not visible to our eyes, which can affect us both physically and psychologically.

How Atom Predominate Positive Ions

The ultraviolet rays, the infrared, the electromagnetic fields of our technology and certain climatic phenomena are present around us. Their nucleus is positively charged, and negatively charged electrons spin around it. The charge of the core equals the sum of the electrons, so the whole atom is neutral. But several factors cause the loss of electrons. When this happens, the positive charge predominates in the atom.        

Sources of Positive Ions Contamination

The technology that surrounds us is one of the leading causes of positive ion contamination, which affects us both on the intellectual level, as well as the physical level. Our brain receives environmental changes and causes problems such as insomnia, anxiety, nervousness and even allergies.   

  sources of positive ion contamination    

A Himalayan Salt Lamp to Counter the Effects of Positive Ions

Pure blocks of salt from the ocean makes Himalayan salt lamps. A light bulb is present inside it that emits light to turn them into a decorative object. Also, blocks are marketed alone. It is a natural product that works as an ioniser of the environment and neutralises the effects of positive ions, resulting in improving mood.

When the lamp is turned on, the central blocks begin to heat up and emit negative ions. With this process, they eliminate fungi, bacteria and mites, which have a positive charge. Also, salt absorbs water from the environment and purifies the air. It is very common for the Himalayan salt lamp to get wet. Put a few minutes in the sun is enough for the water to evaporate.

Salt Lamps neutralise and purify the air; our body undergoes positive changes as well. First, the entire respiratory system released toxins. Than breathing regularised and open the sinuses. It is an excellent choice for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. They filled the body with vital energy and stress is combated. 

    A Himalayan Salt Lamp to Counter the Effects of Positive Ions

Observation Of The Researchers About The Himalayan Salt Lamps

On the other hand, some research confirms that observing a salt lamp that emits light, causes relaxation and helps concentration. In addition to being an excellent complement to meditation or yoga practice, if the Himalayan salt lamp is in the room, it can help you fall asleep. With it, we solve common problems of sleep like insomnia, interrupted sleep, problems to reach deep sleep. If you possess one of these wonders of nature, remember to always have it in a place that gives you peace. You can put it in the room where you spend most of the time, and it is essential to have Himalayan pink salt lamp near your electronic objects to protect you from radiation.       

   Observation Of The Researchers About The Himalayan Salt Lamps

Other Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamp In Your Home

  1. Himalayan salt improves mood.
  2. Relieve the stress.
  3. It improves concentration and helps to meditate.
  4. It fights situations of anxiety and nervousness.
  5.  It Improves air quality.
  6. Salt lamps promote relaxation of the whole body.
  7. It increases vital energy.
  8. Facilitates sleep and rest.
  9. Neutralises electromagnetic radiation.
  10. It reduces the symptoms of allergies.
  11. It improves asthma.
  12. Helps eliminate a cough.


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