How Himalayan Salt Lamps Help You To Combat Depression And Anxiety

by Aiman Arif November 03, 2018

Himalayan Salt Lamps Help You To Combat Depression And Anxiety

Himalayan Salt Lamps have been scientifically proven to benefit people struggling with depression and anxiety. Himalayan salt lamps combat depression. Studies demonstrate that people who consistently breathe in salty air, have improved moods and general mental health compared to others.

The Science Of The Himalayan Salt Lamp

Ions are invisible molecules that we can't detect with any senses. We inhale these molecules, and they eventually enter our blood. 

The Salt Lamps emit negative ions, making you feel more relaxed and calmer. These ions eliminate the positive anaesthetic ions produced by technologies such as cell phones, laptops and television and neutralise the environment.

Thus, Himalayan salt lamp combat depression, allowing us to breathe in cleansed air, and in this way providing us with the Benefits of Himalayan salt lamps.


How Salt Lamp Combat Depression

In nature, negative ions are present in abundance in places like forests, gardens, waterfalls, and beaches. The main reason why we feel relaxed in such areas are negative ions. Himalayan Salt Lamps bring the solution to your door. Having a Himalayan Salt Lamp is just like having an open window to nature while working at your study desk, cooking in the kitchen or relaxing in the lounge. The negative ions that a Himalayan salt lamp emit drain out the negativity previously held in our bodies.

Hence, Himalayan Salt Lamps not only help combat depression and anxiety but also help you to control mood swings, fight insomnia and ultimately feel more energetic and refreshed. Some people buy them for the decoration of their homes, while others believe that they provide the health benefits.

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