The Himalayan Natural Salt Becomes Natural Healer

by Aiman Arif November 02, 2018

Himalayan Natural Salt Becomes Natural Healer

Effect of the Minerals as a Natural Healer Present in Himalayan Salt

All the minerals and elements that the Himalayan natural salt contains can be absorbed quickly by the cells of the body because they are available in primitive and colloidal form. This causes trace minerals to be small enough to be absorbed and metabolised by the cells.

Himalayan Salt For Arterial and Cardiac Patients

The Himalayan salt crystals have a balancing and adaptogen effect, and that is the reason, why its consumption does not increase the arterial pressure, as does the conventional table salt. The common salt accelerates the arterial pressure due to the effort that the organism carries out to bring more oxygen to the cells so that they can neutralise the sodium chloride.

For this reason, the common salt intake is restricted for patients with arterial or cardiac conditions. Himalayan salt crystals retain all their vibrational energy intact, which helps to maintain the state of equilibrium in the body.

     Himalayan Salt For Arterial and Cardiac Patients

Himalayan Natural Salt Acts as a Natural Healer

Among the minerals the Himalayan salt contains are potassium, calcium and magnesium, which help the body to reach equilibrium by restoring fluids, as well as recharging electrolyte stores when excessive sweating. It is the purest degree of the natural salt.  Many points show Natural salt as a natural healer. 

  1. The Himalayan salt crystals have a perfect structure, harmonically and symmetrically.
  2. It is extracted and washed by hand. The extraction is carried out from the mines located on the heights of the mountains that make up the Himalayan ridge in Pakistan, approximately three thousand meters above sea level.
  3. Its crystals are immune to electromagnetic radiation
  4. Its minerals are entirely free of contaminants or toxins from the environment due to the height and time of crystallisation and drying in the sun, in a wholly natural, primitive way.
  5. Does not require moisture absorbers and has an expiration date, unlike common salt. 

      Himalayan Natural Salt Acts as a Natural Healer

These are the positive attributes that come from having Himalayan crystal salt lamp in your home.      

The Effects, Benefits and Potentials of Himalayan Salt on Human Health

 Some of the before evidenced benefits of Himalayan salt is wonderfully the following that makes the Natural salt as a Natural healer:

  1. It improves the regulation of the intestinal tract by allowing the digestive system to assimilate nutrients better and eliminate waste.
  2. It contributes to the drainage of mucus and phlegm in the lungs, especially in patients suffering from asthma, bronchitis, laryngitis and, in general, respiratory diseases.
  3. It acts as a potent natural antihistamine favouring the cleaning of the paranasal sinuses.
  4. It prevents muscle cramps by regulating the production of lactic acid and citric acid.
  5. Improve the bone structure and strengthen the tissue of the bones, since to regulate the levels of water in the body prevents it requires more salt, taking it from the bones and thus favour osteoporosis.
  6. To improve the energy level and to maintain the state of wakefulness in the day, while at night it favours the proper sleep.
  7. Regulate glucose levels in the blood, thereby favouring the control of their degrees in patients with diabetes.
  8. Regulate water levels in the body.
  9. Balancing and regulating the excess acidity in the cells as a result of dehydration generated by oxidative stress or by the chronic consumption of common salt.
  10. The Himalayan salt slab is another product of Himalayan salt that is a great way to use in the kitchen, as they add flavours to food.                                                 The Effects, Benefits and Potentials of Himalayan Salt on Human Health

Different Scientific Point of views About Himalayan Natural Salt as a Natural Healer

Brief Scientific Explanation of Dr Joseph Mercola 

Dr. Joseph Mercola is the director of the Optima Health Clinic in Chicago (USA), one of the leading clinics in natural medicine, and is the founder of the website, number one in the world ranking of health sites the world's most visited health website, and the fourth most visited health website in the world. His first book, "The Diet without Grains," was a bestseller in sales in the New York Times in 2003. Program for achieving optimal health was his second book of which he has already sold more than 200,000 copies. Other successes of Dr Mercola are: 'The great deception of the epidemic of bird flu', 'Sweet Deceit' 'Benefits of sun exposure', ' Take responsibility for your health' and 'Generation .'

According to Dr Joseph Mercola, some benefits of Himalayan natural salt are the following:

Containing The 84 Elements Found in Our Body, The Benefits Of Natural Crystals Himalayan Salt Include

  1. Himalayan salt regulates the body's water content.
  2. Balancing the excess acidity of cells, particularly brain cells.
  3. It helps in the absorption of food particles in the intestinal tract.
  4. Help clear secretion and phlegm obstructions in the lungs, in patients who have asthma or cystic fibrosis.
  5. It acts as a potent natural antihistamine that helps clear congestion in the sinuses.
  6. Himalayan salt prevents muscle cramps.
  7. Reaffirm skeletal structure - Osteoporosis may appear when the body needs more salt and extracts it from the bones.
  8. Regulate sleep, being a natural hypnotic.
  9. Maintain libido.
  10. Prevent the presence of varicose veins in the legs.
  11. Stabilize irregular heartbeat - along with water is essential to regulate blood pressure.
  12. The sense of balance blood sugar levels and help lower the rate of ageing.
  13. Contribute to the generation of hydroelectric energy in the cells of the body.

          Containing The 84 Elements Found in Our Body, The Benefits Of Natural Crystals Himalayan Salt Include

Translation of Mónica Gómez Santos

According to Monica Gomez Santos “Salt is essential for life”. You can not live without it. However, most people do not realise the vast differences between regular refined table salt for everyday use and natural and healthy salt. These differences can contribute to maintaining your health, or, on the contrary, increase the risk of diseases that you would certainly prefer to avoid.

If you want your body to work correctly, you should choose a complete salt that contains all its natural elements. Standard table salt is toxic. It is composed of 97.5% sodium chloride and 2.5% of chemical elements as moisture and iodine absorbents. In the drying process, it is endangered to a temperature of more than 650 ° C. This extreme temperature alters the natural chemical structure of salt, which can trigger a myriad of problems in the body.

So, Always use Himalayan salt as it provides many benefits that are scientifically proven and it also acts as a natural healer.

      Different Scientific Point of views About Himalayan Natural Salt as a Natural Healer

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