Unbelievable Virtues of Himalayan Salt Lamps That Were Neglected Till Now

by Aiman Arif November 03, 2018

Unbelievable Virtues of Himalayan Salt Lamps That Were Neglected Till Now

Himalayan salt is a very pure salt found in the foothills of the Himalayan chain where an ocean existed several million years ago. External pollution is not present in the salt of the Himalayas. 

Himalayan Salt Lamp Virtues Are:

Each lamp is unique in its shape and colour. The crystal salt block has veins, mottles and various shades, created by nature.

       Himalayan salt lamp virtues

1. Transform The Positive Ions into Negative Ions

They transform the positive ions into negative ions which balance the fact of entering many positive ions in the human body.

2. Diffuse an Orange Light

They diffuse an orange light which has stimulating virtue in chromotherapy. Once lit, the salt crystal lamp spreads a soft glow in the luminous spectrum of orange-reds, conducive to relaxation (colour therapy shows that orange light has dynamic and relaxing effects).

3. Night Light In Children’s Room

Child specialists recommend salt lamps as a night light in the children's room. 

4. Provide Extra Light

The Himalayan salt lamps are also very useful as extra light near the TV or computer where they will make your eyes less tiring.

 In summary, these lamps are reassuring, energising, relaxing and soothing. So, because of these salt lamp virtues, they are used for many purposes so, you must get Himalayan salt lamps right away.

     uses of the salt lamps

7 Uses Of Himalayan Salt Lamps

1. Computer Users / In The Office:

 Place a crystal salt lamp near your computer to help reduce fatigue and PEM (electromagnetic pollution) that all electrical equipment create. The salt lamp will also help you to improve your concentration.

2. At Home:

Use these lamps in bedrooms, living room, lobby or anywhere else to create an atmosphere of relaxation and calmness.

3. For Those Who Have An Allergic Ground:

A crystal salt lamp near you will contribute to your well-being and clean the air. You will enjoy the healthy and naturally ionised air which can reduce the allergy and asthma symptoms.

4. Meditation:

Use the salt lamps for yoga and meditation. When you are at peace, a salt crystal lamp at your side will enhance your meditative experience.

5. Massage Rooms:

One of the Himalayan salt lamp virtue is that it brings Light therapy and Halotherapy at your doorstep. One or two crystal salt lamps in your massage room will create a soothing, relaxing and refreshing environment.

6. Naturopaths:

 A salt crystal lamp in your practice room or treatment room will help activate the calming process and create a serene environment.

7. Waiting Rooms:

 One or two salt crystal lamps in the waiting room will create a peaceful and comforting atmosphere, that will help the passengers to sit calmly for hours.

Precaution of use

  1. Do not install in a wet place.
  2. Do not expose to the sun. 

We certify that the salts come from Pakistan (Punjab, Himalayan region) harvested inhumanly decent conditions. They are mounted on the wooden base(which avoids placing a cup underneath) and that our lamps have electrical components manufactured in Italy according to the Standards. All this makes them probably unique on the French market, and we can get many virtues from these salt lamps.

    origin of the Himalayan salt lamps

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