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10 Hidden Himalayan Salt Life Hacks That You Need To Know

Dezember 12, 2018 5 min read

9 Hidden Himalayan Salt Life Hacks That You Need To Know

Himalayan Salt as a Blessing of Nature

Himalayan salt is the absolute blessing, providing benefits to us that are beyond count. It has been deposited in the foothills of Himalayan mountains away from the increasing pollution, and it is, therefore, consider as the purest form of salt found on this planet containing 80+ minerals. 

Hidden Hacks Of Himalayan Salt

Himalayan salt is used in diet, for bath purposes, halotherapy and light therapy as well. Himalayan salt lamps provide an extra portion to the beauty and detoxify the air as well. These are the uses, advantages and benefits of Himalayan salt lamps, but be sure that the Himalayan salt lamp is real. There are some ways to recognise whether the salt lamp is real or fake. 

Himalayan salt lamps can have significant effects and surprising benefits to a person's health. The salt lamps of the Himalayas are so impressive to see. They are like having a dimension around another planet. Today, we count the top 10 Himalayan Salt Hidden Hacks. Have an insider look at the Himalayan Salt lamps and share some secrets.

        Hidden Hacks Of Himalayan Salt

1.  Himalayan Salt may Provides Relief to a Migraine:

One of the salt lamp hacks is that it may provides relief to migraines that are one of those nightmares that ruin your life for the day. However, there does exist a recipe that will relieve a headache instantly. Just take a glass of lemon juice with a high concentration of Himalayan salt in it and drink it. This trick works like magic and will relieve the pain instantly. 

                              Instant Relief to a Migraine

2.  Himalayan Salt Alleviate Depression and ADHD             

ADHD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) is a brain disorder caused by the constant pattern of inattention and hyperactivity-impulsivity. Himalayan salt contains numerous nutrients, and if these nutrients consumed on a regular basis, it ensures the guarantee of stability of the biochemical reactions going on the body and brain; that will ultimately result in reduced levels of depression and ADHD.

    Alleviate Depression and ADHD

3.  Himalayan Salt as an Air-Freshener:

There are various air fresheners available in the market, but they may risk the health of you and your family. By using chemicals present in the air fresheners available in the market, we will be affected by many problems. So, why to use these chemicals when you can have a perfect and 100% natural alternative that comes with an additional benefit of the anti-microbial effect. 

Just add a small amount of Himalayan salt and 8-10 drops of your favourite essential oils to a cup of water. Shake until mixed well and then pour into a spray bottle. Use in your house and office for a breath of naturally fresh and healthy air. 

4.  Maintain a Healthy Heart and Weight:

One more Himalayan salt hidden hack is that it is a proved remedy for lowering the cholesterol level. All you have to do is to consume lemon juice with a pinch of Himalayan salt every morning on an empty stomach. It will lower the cholesterol level and will help reduce your weight as well. 

   Maintain a Healthy Heart and Weight

5.  Better Absorption of Nutrients With Himalayan Salt:

Himalayan salt is used for food since ancient times and is magnificent for the digestive system. As mentioned above, it has 80+ nutrients that are required by our body including magnesium. Moreover, it is a proven fact that regular intake of magnesium improves the intestine’s ability to absorb nutrients.

             Better Absorption of Nutrients

6.  Himalayan Salt may Helps to Avoid Tired Mornings:               

Many of us feel tired in the morning. Reasons mainly include our strict lifestyle and irregular sleep patterns mostly. Many people prefer to start their mornings with a dose of caffeine to overcome this situation. However, caffeine is only a temporary solution, and the tiredness comes back in no time. Moreover, it is not very a healthy solution to get a ride from this tiredness. Himalayan salt mixed with raw organic honey (1:5) and kept under the tongue in small quantity before bedtime proves to be a permanent remedy for this issue. 

   Helps Avoid Tired Mornings

7. Himalayan Salt Sole:

The Himalayan salt sole is the solution of Himalayan salt into water in which no more salt can dissolve, so a little amount of salt settles at the bottom. Consuming 1tsp of Himalayan salt sole in 1 glass of regular water provides the body with all the necessary required minerals and helps the body to stay hydrated.

            Himalayan Salt Sole

8.  Himalayan Salt Helps at Menopause Stage:

At the stage of pre-menopause and menopause, nutrients will slowly deplete in the body. Women at this juncture often experience symptoms of chronic insomnia, hot flashes, migraine, fatigue and slight to severe depression. Medical studies proved that all these symptoms appear due to the deficiency of minerals at this stage.

Daily intake of 1tsp of Himalayan salt has been demonstrated to provide our body with all the minerals that we need to stay alive. Hence, regular consumption of Himalayan salt replenishes the body’s requirement of minerals ultimately relieving the symptoms of menopause.

                     Helps at Menopause Stage

9.  Himalayan Salt as a Best Natural Deodorant:

Chemical deodorants contain various carcinogenic compounds that are principal reasons for skin and breast cancers. Therefore, it is a wise decision to switch towards the natural deodorants.
Natural deodorants that are commonly available in the market, sometimes contain aluminium that we are already trying to avoid. Moreover, most of the natural deodorants are oil based which means that sweating for even once is a total disaster for the dress. The best solution is to use the Himalayan salt-based body deodorants that provide a youthful freshness to your skin even during the full heat of July.

                  Best Natural Deodorant

10. Excellent source of light for the environment

The lamps usually use a low-voltage bulb and save a lot of energy, electricity and, in general, reduce your electricity bill! Statistics show that pink Himalayan salt, extracted to enter salt lamps, is expected to last about 350 years. Yes, you read well! Is not it incredible?

Another interesting hidden hack of the so elegant salt lamp of the Himalayas is the fact that their soft, natural, unobstructed lights can be about the sunlight, which will help the people suffering from what we call the seasonal depression — nothing like a little light to brighten your day and your mood.

These are the Himalayan salt hidden hacks that provide many benefits. The Himalayan salt lamp should place in a proper place according to the guidelines for gaining maximum health benefits.

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