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How Do I Know If a Salt Lamp is Real: 7 Ways to Spot Fake Salt Lamp

Dezember 15, 2018 5 min read



Himalayan rock salt lamps are very famous for their health benefits and air-purifying attributes. Moreover, with the rise in awareness about these lamps, their demand is also increasing.

Fake Salt Lamps

Unfortunately, this increase in demand has provided a chance for dishonest people for selling cheaply manufactured fake Himalayan salt lamp copies and earning more profit. It can turn your head. It offers options for size, colour, brightness and cost. If you do not do an investigation, you may end up with a fake salt lamp that does not match your intended use. Fortunately, you have found the publication that will explain how to know if a salt lamp is real and can be used in your home and the checklist to detect a fake salt lamp. 

Find If a Salt Lamp is Real or Fake

To know if a salt lamp is real is to look at the light it emits. Unlike standard night lamps, you can rely on your Himalayan salt lamp to illuminate your room during nighttime reading. It directly emits a shade of medium pink to dark orange, relaxing enough to make you sleep or rest.

Also, you should notice an irregular pattern in the light, especially with larger and heavier ones. If you can see brighter and deeper shades in a large piece of salt, it is something that deserves to celebrate. There is no uniformity of thickness in a salt crystal, and this is what causes the irregular light pattern. Whether it has a smooth surface or a crushed lamp, this lack of uniformity is remarkable.

7 Ways to Recognize Fake Salt Lamp

There are a few ways to recognise whether your lamp is Real or Fake.

1. Your Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp has an Extra Luminosity

       Fake Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp has an Extra Luminosity   

The Himalayan pink salt minerals emit a beautiful pink or orange glow when lit from behind.  Look for a lamp that gives a soft pink or orange light when it lights up to confirm that you are buying the real thing. The fake Himalayan salt lamp has extra luminosity.

Himalayan rock salt typically ranges in colour from light pink to dark orange. Moreover, as the salt has several minerals in it, light coming from the lamp will be gentle and irregular. If your lamp is small in size but gives off enough light to fully illuminate the place where it is kept, this is a clear sign that your Himalayan rock salt lamp is fake.

2. You Bought A White Crystal Salt Lamp at an Average Cost:

           When YouBought A White Crystal Salt Lamp at an Average Cost it may be Fake  


Real Himalayan salt lamps are not cheap. As discussed above, Himalayan salt crystals usually display a soft pinkish or orange light. If you want to know if a salt lamp is real or not observe the price of a salt lamp, Although white crystals of Himalayan rock salt do exist, these white salt crystals from the Himalayas are rare, highly desired and quite expensive. White crystals of Himalayan rock salt do exist. Therefore, good white Himalayan salt lamps have a pretty high cost compared to the coloured lamps.

If you have bought a white crystal Himalayan rock salt lamp at a cost that was not very different from other coloured lamps, it is another sign that you have a fake Himalayan salt lamp.

3. Your Lamp Does Not Hold Moisture:

                   Fake Himalayan Salt Lamp Does Not Hold Moisture

Himalayan rock salt lamps naturally attract moisture and absorb water vapours from the surrounding air and then suck the dust particles out of it releasing negative ions along with clean mists. This method is called hygroscopy and is responsible for one huge problem faced by the Himalayan salt lamps, i.e., “Sweating”.

However, if you live a moist area and your lamp has never had ‘sweated’ or has never shown this property, your lamp is a fake for sure.

4. Your Lamp has High Durability and Strength

        Fake Lamp has High Durability and Strength

Himalayan Sat is delicate, so it is easily damaged.  The crystalline salt must have a unique shape depending upon its appearance when it has been cooked in the mine. It must have rough, slippery spots and sweat.

Genuine Himalayan pink salt lamps tend to be fragile. Accidentally dropping or bumping your lamp into another solid object will turn your lamp into pieces.

If your lamp was bumped into something or was dropped, but it was not damaged or didn’t break, it is a pretty good sign that your lamp is not genuine.

5. You Did Not Experience Any Health Effects

        Fake Salt Lamps does not provide any health benefits

Himalayan salt lamps are beneficial for health. Patients with asthma and some common allergies may felt much better with a Himalayan salt lamp placed in their rooms.

However, if you do not feel any betterment in your health, you have probably got a fake lamp. Fake Himalayan salt lamps didn't show any health benefits.

6. The Manufacturer or Supplier has a Lousy Return Policy

Suppliers of authentic pink salt products from the Himalayas understand that the pink salt of the Himalayas is a fragile material. As such, genuine sellers of salt lamps generally offer flexible and convenient return policies. If you are about to buy a new lamp and the supplier is extremely strict regarding a return, be careful! If they sell fake Himalayan salt lamps, they may not discover the truth until it is too late to return the product.

However, if you do not feel any betterment in your health, you have probably got a fake lamp. Fake Himalayan salt lamps didn't show any health benefits.

7. If Crystal Salt Lamp origin is not Pakistan

The real Himalayan salt lamp comes from the underground depths of the Khewra mines in Pakistan. Khewra is located at the western end of the Himalayan mountains and is the only place where the real Himalayan pink salt is. Therefore, if you are unsure of the authenticity of your lamp, you can always inquire about the country of origin of the crystal salt lamp to determine if your lamp is real or fake

    If Crystal Salt Lamp origin is not Pakistan it will not real

Natural Health Tips of Real Salt Lamps

Since we first published our review of the health benefits of owning a pink Himalayan salt lamp, these little beauties have quickly become our favourite natural health gadget of all time. And with its rise in popularity, sales of Himalayan salt lamps have been booming.

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