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Recent Researches on Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamps | Truth Exposed

Dezember 08, 2018 4 min read

Recent Researches on Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamps | Truth Exposed

Pink Himalayan Salt has many health benefits. This salt is much better for the body than the traditional table salt because it contains calcium, iron, magnesium and also potassium. The pink Himalayan salt is undoubtedly the king of spices!  

 These natural Salt lamps may help to improve memory, decreases anxiety and improves activity. Negative ions produced by the salt lamps recommended because of their beneficial effects to strengthen immunity, increase alertness, increase work productivity, increase lung capacity reduce cold and Influenza.

     Science Behind the Salt Lamps

Science Behind the Salt Lamps

For centuries, it has been known that Himalayan crystal rock salt can improve the qualities of the air by enriching it with negative ions. Salt lamps are thought to be a good source of negative ions. Given the claims of salt lamp sellers as to their beneficial effects, the neurochemical study was an extension of the rat behavioural study. The animals tested were exposed to a salt lamp for 14 weeks. Decapitation after 14 weeks, followed by neurochemical analysis, showed that cerebral metabolism of tryptophan and 5-HT increased after exposure to the salt lamp. The results are discussed about their antidepressant effects and other behavioural activities previously monitored.

Shadows And Lights On Pink Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamps And Their Benefits

It is a fact that the pink Himalayan salt provides benefits when consumed. Its presence in your place will bring its share of health benefits.

A small number of negative ions that salt lamps produced can kill bacteria. And quickly remove them from the air, making them less likely to infect people. A separate series of scientific studies conducted elsewhere shows that salt and tea lamps can increase the number of negative ions by up to 300%.

    Shadows And Lights On Pink Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamps And Their Benefits

Relationship Between Ions And Human Health

According to scientific study, all living systems in nature including humans are bioelectric. Electrically charged particles affect our state of mind and our way of acting. In a natural setting, the balance of positive and negative ions plays a role in our sensations and feelings. The anions and cations in the atmosphere can affect the health, well-being, efficiency, emotions and mood of human beings.

Placing these pink Himalayan salt lamps at home helps to reduce the rate of unhealthy positive ions and their results are impressive and almost immediate.

Effects of Positive ions on Health

Technologies such as computers, cell phones, microwaves emit positive ions. There have been many claims that these elements are detrimental to our health and many scientists stated in their research that mobile phones should be at least five feet away from where you sleep.

Mould, bacteria and pollution also affect our quality of life and carry positive charges. Positive ions are absorbed by our bodies in the form of free radicals and cause cellular damage and premature ageing. Negative ions are associated with positive ions and help purify the air.

Also, Doctor of Philosophy Pierce Howard, thinks negative ions act on our bodies.

Negative Ions from Pink Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamps Benefits

  1. Increase oxygen flow to the brain.
  2. Produce a higher state of alert.
  3. Decrease drowsiness
  4. Provide more mental energy.
  5. Protect against germs in the air.
  6. Causing a reduction in irritation due to the inhalation of various particles, which cause to sneeze, cause coughing and irritate the throat.
  7. Pink Himalayan salt lamps help for mental clarity and better sleep     

       Negative ions from pink Himalayan salt lamps benefits

The Argument  Of The Sceptics About Pink Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamps

Of course, not everyone is convinced. Some people claim that because salt does not contain a single atom of oxygen in its molecules, it can not affect air quality or ionisation a bit.

A more severe argument: 

The salt, composed of sodium and chlorine atom, which have a positive and negative charge. These are linked together in a cation/anion structure with the equilibrium of the masses. This bond would be difficult to break. The salt can separate the ions but require more heat than the heat produced by the ampoule.

If the salt lamp could release negative ions, it should be possible to detect this excess of ions. However, such a surplus does not appear in a salt lamp. Many trials conducted on popular brands of salt crystal lamps, tested using an ion detector. They checked the presence of negative ions with the camera on the outside and inside the salt lamp. In the end, more negative ions were detected everywhere outside the lamp.

The conclusion is that Himalayan pink salt lamps emit stumpy levels of negative ions.

     The Argument  Of The Sceptics About Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps

With Or Without A Salt Lamp

In many reports, people say that salt lamps help them when others say they are not particularly useful. What do you think? Do these lamps affect? Have you ever tried or are you planning to use it?

In light of the controversy aroused, if you know that pink Himalayan salt generates negative ions and affect you positively. The only judge will be you and test a salt lamp yourself!

Be careful, however, to know the source of the salt lamp from the manufacturer. Many models for the general public come from Poland or elsewhere, from where old salt mines are recycled to abandon. Moreover, if testing a lamp will put you off, you can only carry a Pink Himalayan salt stone with you. Those who do not want to part with it anymore they surely have good reasons.


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