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5 Best Ways to Benefit from Himalayan Rock Salt

Dezember 01, 2018 5 min read

5 Best ways to benefit from Himalaya Salt

Five Different  Ways to Benefit From Himalayan Rock Salt

Many of you still do not know why Himalayan rock salt is better than other salts and what are its many applications for health benefits?

A few hundred million years ago, crystallized sea rock salt, now in the depths of the Himalayas, was covered with lava, snow and ice, which maintained a pristine environment and protected salt from current pollution. As a result, the Himalayan pink rock salt is the purest salt found on earth. Now it is hand-pulled from the mountains and taken to the culinary market.

There are dietary and non-dietary uses of Himalayan salt.

Dietary Uses of Himalayan Rock Salt 

Himalayan rock salt is used in the kitchen as a nutritional purpose which gives several health advantages which are scientifically proven.

Use ground Himalayan salt or grinders like any other salt. The health benefits of Himalayan salt include:

  • Support thyroid and adrenal function.
  • Contribute to the global hormonal balance for men and women.
  • Support a healthy and burning metabolism.
  • It contains 84 trace elements essential for well-being.
  • It is necessary for the stomach acid to be adequate.

         Dietary Uses of Himalayan Rock Salt

1.  Himalayan Rock Salt for Cooking and Curing ­

Pink Himalayan rock salt is best for cooking or baking purposes. It is naturally pink in colour and mined from the Himalayas in Pakistan. It is full of minerals and provides many health benefits if uses in food. Because of this reason Himalayan salt consider as much healthier than the ordinary table salt.

Salt is mainly composed of sodium chloride and helps regulate essential processes in the body. The potentially harmful effects of excess salt have caused many people to start using pink salt from the Himalayas.

We can take advantage of Himalaya salt by using it in baking and curing. Himalayan Salt offers a healthier and tastier salt with absolutely zero additives or chemicals involved in its processing. It is the purest gift from mother nature that you can add to your daily life. Just use the ground Himalayan Salt in your recipes for improved flavour and nutrition.


                Himalayan Salt for Cooking and Curing ­

2.  Himalayan Rock Salt Slab

Some people even use pink Himalayan rock salt as a cooking surface. Large pieces of salt can be purchased for grilling, grabbing and providing a salty taste for meat and other foods.

The slabs, blocks, plates and salt bricks of the Himalayas are the baking tray and the source of nature, offering many creative culinary uses while providing the benefits of natural and pure salt. No chemicals or additives. Heat salt, dish or salt brick from the Himalayas over high heat and take meat, fish, vegetables, seafood and other fast-cooking foods. Or, use it to serve sushi, appetizers, sausages and cheeses, fresh fruits and vegetables, and even cold desserts.

Himalayan Rock Salt Slabs are a unique way to add style to your kitchen. They not only look great but will also improve the quality of your food. You can cook sushi on it, use it for BBQ’s or use to serve up food to impressed dinner guests!

     Himalayan Salt Slab

Non-Dietary Uses of Himalayan Rock Salt

Along with the dietary uses, there are many non-dietary uses of Himalayan salt in daily life. 

3.  Homemade Scrubs and Cleansers of Himalayan Rock Salt:

A buildup of dead skin lockups causes a rough, opaque and aged appearance. The shedding of the higher layers of the dehydrated cells promotes a young and shiny skin, as well as many other benefits. Rubbing the surface with a quality salt scrub allows the exfoliating texture to exfoliate and refine the skin, leaving it clean and fresh, and removing dead skin cells that dull the skin. Fine grains of salt clean the pores, unlike any soap or cleaner, allowing the skin to breathe better. The main benefits of good salt exfoliation are:

  • Exfoliation cleanses the skin better than soap or cleansers.
  • Elimination of dull and dead skin cells to reveal younger skin.
  • Deep cleans the pores of the skin, allowing your skin to breathe better.
  • It stimulates blood circulation and eliminates daily toxins from your skin.
  • It helps to regenerate new skin, which keeps your skin looking younger.
  • Strengthens and reaffirms the skin tissue.

Himalayan Salt is naturally anti-microbial, so the unique idea to get benefit from Himalaya salt is to add a minor quantity of Himalayan Salt granules to your scrub or cleanser for healthier and more radiant skin. Additionally, it has been known to avoid bad skin or outbreaks. Himalayan salt improves skin conditions and also soothe muscles.

           Homemade Scrubs and Cleansers

4.  Bathing with Himalayan Rock Salt

Enjoy a detoxifying Himalayan Salt Bath; one of a great way to benefit from this salt. Its nutrients have been proven to soothe sore muscles. Himalayan Salt contains 80+ nourishing minerals so that this bath will provide a healing and relaxing experience for your body and soul. Also, it Improves respiratory and skin problems and improve mood.

Throw in the bathtub for a detoxifying salt bath of the Himalayas. Reconstitution nutrients stimulate circulation and relieve sore muscles. The pink rock salt bath is a therapeutical and can be used as a halotherapy. A salt bath helps to extract toxins, cleanses the skin thoroughly and cleans the body of energy. To get the most potent detoxification result, prepare a Himalayan salt "brine" for bathing: Use 1 to 2 pounds of Himalayan rock salt dissolved in a warm water bath.

    Bathing with Himalayan Salt

5.  Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps

Although the rock salt lamps are attractive parts for any room in your home, these lighting devices are more than just nightly lights. The salt lamps of the Himalayas help to filter impurities from the air. Here is all you want to know about rock salt lamps.

People use these crystal salt lamps for different reasons; Its soft pink shine can stimulate deep relaxation. They bring an attractive and organic touch to the decoration of the home, creating a more balanced and attentive space. For these purposes, salt lamps are a welcome addition to almost any home.

Himalayan Rock Lamps are a trending item on social media at the moment. However, did you know that Himalayan Salt Lamps help cleanse the air that you breathe?

Salt lamps are made of pink Himalayan salt crystals or large blocks and claimed to remove the air contaminants and particulate matter from the atmosphere. A light is present inside the salt lamps which heat up the salt and make it able to use its hygroscopic property.

     Himalayan Salt Lamps

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