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5 Unique Ideas to Utilize the Himalayan Salt Slab

noviembre 02, 2018 3 min read

5 Unique Ideas to Utilize the Himalayan Salt Slab

Usage of Himalayan Salt Slabs

Himalayan salt slabs can be heated or cold according to the temperature. The salt slab is a natural product for using in the kitchen and cooking purposes. It requires slow and steady heating otherwise there a chance of its breakdown if heated quickly. So, slow roasting is an important factor while using salt slabs. By seeing its benefits, we hope that Himalayan salt slab will be your favourite kitchen product.

Here are a few best and unique ideas to use the trending Himalayan Salt Slabs for adding grace to your life with a bonus of fantastic health benefits.

      Usage of Himalayan Salt Slabs

1.  Make Delicious Grilled Vegetables and Steak Indoors

If you don’t feel like preparing the outdoor grill, you should try a salt slab for grilling and make steaks. Himalayan Salt Slabs are a great way to grill indoors and get perfect results time after time. Salt Slabs will cure and season the food correctly and have been known to enhance the flavour with a bonus of improved nutritional content. Himalayan salt also adds nutrition and fantastic taste in the meal.

            Make Delicious Grilled Vegetables and Steak Indoors

2.  Salt Slab Add Flavour to Baking

One of the unique ways to utilise Himalayan Salt Slab is to use it for baking by replacing the regular pans with the slab. It adds a delicious mild salt flavour to baked goods, even in cookies and cakes!    

3.  Keep Your Foods Cold With the Himalayan Salt Slabs

Once placed in the freezer, the solid Himalayan Salt slab or Block will remain cold for many hours; this makes it perfect for serving cold foods such as desserts. It not only adds style but will also add to the nutritional content of the food itself!

       Keep Your Foods Cold With the Himalayan Salt Slabs

4.  Make Fantastic Seafood on a Salt Slab

Salt Slabs not only make great steaks. They also make fantastic seafood. Cure your seafood items and grill them on Himalayan Salt Slab for a delicious and unique flavour.

5.  Salt Slab as a Unique Serving Platter

The Himalayan Salt Slab makes a beautiful and elegant serving platter and also adding to the flavour of the food; even at room temperature. Salt slabs can be used for serving both hot and cold meals.

       Salt Slab as a Unique Serving Platter

How To Heat a Himalayan Salt Slab

It is essential to heat a salt slab carefully for cooking or other purposes because improper heating can break it. There are few guidelines to keep in attention while heating salt slabs.

  1. First of all clean and dry the Salt Slab
  2. Place the salt slab on the stove
  3. Turn on the stove slightly and at very low flame
  4. Keep the salt slab at low heat for 15-20 minutes
  5. Then slightly increase the fire at medium and keep it for 15-20 minutes
  6. Again turn up the fire and retain the salt slab over the stove for 10 minutes
  7. Now, the Himalayan salt slab is ready to use for cooking.

       How To Heat a Himalayan Salt Slab

Cook on a Himalayan Salt Slab

  • You can prepare meat, vegetables, seafood or any other food on the salt slab. The most vital things when cooking on a Himalayan salt slab are:
  • Fully heat the salt slab before use according to the process given above.
  • Salt slabs quickly cook the food. Make thin layers of meal or seafood and place it over the salt slabs and in a few minutes, it will ready to eat with a fantastic taste.
  • Don’t use oil on the salt slab because it can enter into the salt slab cracks and will eventually deteriorate.
  • Continue cooking - once you have heated the salt block, you can cook on it for many hours. You can increase the use of Himalayan salt slab by preparing the whole meal and dessert on it.

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