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Himalayan Salt Lamp Safety and Recalled

diciembre 11, 2018 5 min read

Himalayan Salt Lamp Safety and Recalled


Although Himalayan rock salt lamps have become increasingly popular in recent years because of their promise to combat depression, stress, clean the air and Many other health benefits, a return of 80,000 Lumière products in January caused a sensation. And on May 23, the Consumer Product Safety Commission launched a second recall concerning 3,900 units with the same problem.

The Reason for Salt Lamp Safety and Recalled

From the market, Himalayan salt lamps manufactured by Lumiere withdrew due to safety issues related to the intensity switch that may ignite, Sparks and fire. If we turn on the salt lamp for a more extended period to remove more contaminants from the air and boost energy levels, this makes them overheat, electric shock and catch fire once plugged in, which can be very dangerous.

Salt lamps may be dangerous is indeed sad news for all lovers of the rock salt lamp, but safety first and foremost.

The lamps were a piece of salt mounted on a wooden base or a basket of smaller rocks. The salt lamps sold at Michael and Amazon between July and November 2016.

    The Reason for Salt Lamp Safety and Recalled

Types of Salt Lamps that recalled 

Three different lamps returned, for a total of about 80,000 lights. The return is may be online or in-store.

  1. The baskets of light
  2. Carnival lights and
  3. Rock of Gibraltar.

To find out if your Himalayan rock salt lamp is one of those removed from the market, check out the pictures below. They are all from a brand called Lumiere.

The Name and Code of the Salt Lamp Recalled

It is significant to determine if your products are part of the recall or not. You can do this by checking the SKU and CPU numbers on the lamp or its codes, as well as the lamp package.

According to the SKU & CPU notice the salt lamps recalled are:

  1. Rock of Gibraltar Lamp (SKU 495144, UPC 00886946056253)
  2. Carnival of Lights (SKU 495433, UPC 00886946058325)
  3. Basket of Rocks (SKU 495146, UPC 00886946056277)

If you have one in your house, you're going to want to check the label; By using these names and codes, you can find out that either your salt lamps are safe or not. Those who purchased the salt lamps during the five-month period must check the barcodes and return the recalled products to a Michael store in the United States for a cash refund. Stop using your lamp immediately if it is from this list.

        The Name and Code of the Salt Lamp Recalled

Salt Lamp Safety According to the Michaels

Michaels, who sold the bulbs, immediately took steps to protect their customers. "In collaboration with the CPSC, we remember the range of Himalayan salt lamps that sold between July 2016 and November 2016," a spokesman for Michaels said in a statement. "Our customer’s care is our top priority, and we have taken immediate steps to eliminate this product from our stores, inventory and supply chain, and we apologize to anyone affected by this situation.

Read the Instructions for Salt Lamp Safety

If you have a Himalayan salt lamp and are worried about safety, be sure to read the instructions and warnings thoroughly before setting it up.

Each lamp and brand are slightly different, so ask about your particular salt lamp brand for the salt lamp safety and care. According to your salt lamps, the salt lamps of the Himalayas should last forever if you keep them properly. As long as you do not immerse them in water and do not expose them to high humidity, you should never replace them!

        Read the Instructions for Salt Lamp Safety

How to take maintenance of the salt lamp for its safety

Some guidelines on how to care for and configure your new Himalayan salt lamp with wonderful aromas that will help you enjoy your light for years to come.

1.  Don’t wash the salt lamp

Never put your Himalayan salt lamp in water to "wash" it, the natural effect of the salt lamp is one that can self-clean it. The salt lamp has antibiotic properties and does not need washing. If dust or another kind of particulate matter filled in it, use a dry or slightly damp cloth to clean it.

2. Don’t place a salt lamp on the damp place

Use your salt light as much as possible. When not using the salt lamp for long periods of time, do not leave it in a wet room or outside, where it may expose to the elements of water. Window sills and bathrooms or wherever there is a lot of humidity, are not ideal places for your Himalayan salt lamp.

3.  Remove plastic wrap for salt lamp safety

Remove the plastic from your salt lamp and the bubble around the bulb and the controller on the wire. For shipping purposes, the bulb is placed inside the salt lamp and is surrounded by bubble wrap to ensure safe arrival. Gently push the metal clips and insert the connector into the base of the salt lamp until the metal clips snap into place.

     How to take maintenance of the salt lamp for its safety

Electrical safety instructions for a salt lamp

When it comes to electricity, we must all be cautious. None of us needs to put your life at risk regarding power/electricity. You should make sure your power is off when you plug in, unplug, move the lamp or change the bulb.

If your rock salt lamp is wet, remove the cable from the socket and the bulb from the bulb socket and let it dry completely before turning it on, because the salt lamp attracts moisture so it can be wet at any time.

Use common sense and follow the instructions to maintain your Himalayan rock salt lamp. Always spot fake Himalayan salt lamp to avoid hazards.

       Electrical safety instructions for a salt lamp

Where to place a salt lamp for its safety

Himalayan salt lamps used when you want pure, clean air to help you focus or relax and want to gain maximum health benefits from the Himalayan salt lamp. Here is a list of some places where you can put your salt lamp for its safety.

  • On the side table as a side lamp or night light
  • In the halotherapy and light therapy cabins
  • On a coffee table
  • In message rooms
  • In smoking rooms
  • In waiting rooms

           Where to place a salt lamp for its safety

Measures for Salt Lamp Safety

Steps are crucial for the salt lamp safety to make it long last and to avoid fire hazards and electric shocks. Some of the measures are the following:

  1. Clean the salt lamp with a dry cloth
  2. Leave the salt lamp on as you can so the heat produced by it can prevent it from absorbing the surrounding moisture.
  3. Place the salt lamp on a tray in a Humid
  4. Leave the salt lamp under the sun so that it will absorb the extra moisture from it.

       Measures for Salt Lamp Safety

Where to buy the Salt Lamp and How long it will Last

Himalayan salt lamp lasting depends on its use according to the instructions written on its packaging, its care and where you use to put it. The lights of SourceDIY salt lamp company are one of the popular brands on Amazon. Its lights entirely made of Himalayan sea salt so, they are safe to use, and fewer chances of electric shocks, fire hazards and their salt lamp recalled. They are durable, and if we use them carefully, they will remain working lifetime.

     Where to buy the Salt Lamp and How long it will Last

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