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Salt Of The Himalayas is Known as White Gold

diciembre 11, 2018 5 min read

Salt Of The Himalayas is Known as White Gold

Crystalline Salt Has an Age Of 250 Million Years

This salt of age more than 250 million years comes from the Himalayan mountains in Pakistan. It is undoubtedly the purest salt available on earth, as there is no contamination in the Himalayan salt and it is free from any toxins or contaminants.

Himalayan Salt As A White Gold

Salt of the Himalayas is known as "white gold" because it contains aeons of light stored in it. Together with the pure spring water, the Himalayan salt crystals offer all the natural elements that we find in the human body. The essential elements are formerly present in it that our body requires. The White Gold Himalayan salt is very precious.                                                   

Himalayan Salt As A Source of Energy

The salt stones of the Himalayas are an excellent source of energy. Our function is to spread them, so that people know them, feel them and make them a place in their life.

A Himalayan chain is a special place on earth where essential energy lines cross; the crystal absorbs that energy and with a correct cleaning and preparation can produce super beneficial effects for the strength of our homes or workplaces.

   Himalayan Salt As A Source of Energy

Energy Stored In Himalayan Salt

Our SourceDIY salt lamp company ensure its function to enhance the energetic effect of the Pink Salt of the Himalayas because it is a unique mineral and has absorbed much energy from the place where it arose.

The world is energy, and we have to use it correctly to attract good things into our lives and begin to see things with other eyes. There are many ways to get benefits from the Himalayan natural salt.

The Significance of Stones In Life

Stones will significantly help the life of each person. Each salt stone is unique, and each one must have an owner who chooses and needs it. Our salt stones energetically cured so that they are not only a decorative ornament but also ionised the environment.

Hidden White Gold Himalayan Salt

Nature has lovely legacies, many of them still hidden until a few decades ago. The human being, always effort to return to his or her origins and find the way back to the natural harmony. As a living being, we give a task to ourselves to explore the things and the environment from where we come and emerged.

Who Discover White Himalayan Salt Crystals

Moreover, one of those gifts that the human being has been discovering is hidden precisely in Nature itself. Buried in the most refined of the earth, in one of the most challenging places that can exist on this planet. In the most sophisticated part of the planet earth, there are the deposits of Crystalline salt of Himalaya.

The man with his intelligence and inhospitable effort to discover things found that part of the earth and bought white gold Himalayan Salt. The man has such intelligence that distinguishes him within the animal kingdom and is what has allowed him, undeniably, that we make progress within the industrial and technological world in which we live today.

To speak of the Crystalline Salt of the Himalayas is to talk about two hundred and fifty million years of purity and interesting healing properties treasured until the day they discovered.

     Who Discover Himalayan Salt Crystals 

Process Involved in Getting Energy From The White Himalayan Salt

Our Lamps go through a previous process of healing, to eliminate any energetic charge that may have remained in the stone by the time of its extraction and by the people who take them out of the mines. We prepare the rock to be 100% pure, clean and ready to bring harmony into lives. They are then complete to fulfil their transmuting function and to release any negative charge, harmonizing the places where they are.

The people who are using them, producing enormous changes in their life, because a person in harmony and balance has all its open paths.

                Process Involved in Getting Energy From The White Himalayan Salt

Physical Benefits From White Gold Himalayan Salt 

The salt stone carved in the form of a lamp harmonises our environment and purifies the air we breathe. They help us to prevent stress, tiredness, allergies, respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis, bronchiolitis and insomnia. They are ideal to take care of our health and especially one of our children, we recommend especially for the rooms of our children.  

Neutralises The Positive Ions

These all-natural various models and sizes, allow us to counteract the positive ions (emitting electrical appliances such as computers, TV, etc. of our home) by releasing negative ions, which create a beneficial microclimate and improves our quality of life.

Light From White Gold Himalayan Salt

The rocks of white gold Himalayan salt, project a dim light that harmonises the environment and relaxes our body and mind. They are very beneficial and very good for the Feng Shuai of our home and our workplaces, helping the economic opening, the love and health of our family.

    Light From White Gold Himalayan Salt

Why Salt Of The Himalayas Known as "White Gold"

Salt of the Himalayas is known as "white gold" because it is rich in ions of light. The crystals of salt of the Himalayas offer all the natural elements that we find in the human body.

Himalayan Salt In Natural State

The Himalayan natural salt does not contain any added mineral to preserve precisely its original properties. That is why if you want to prevent diseases, especially those related to blood pressure and the circulatory system, the option to consume Himalayan natural salt should be valued. Unlike ordinary table salt, the Himalayan natural salt is the purest of all the planet, since the geography of its origin has kept it safe from the influence of any toxin or contaminant.


Industrial Process Involves In The Common Salt Preparation

In its origin, the common table salt is in its natural state. Industrial processes alter it and make it dangerous for human health. The industrial process involves the drying, refining and addition in the common salt.

The method for the acquisition of iodine and fluorine leads to the subjection of the salt to high temperatures, and the incorporation of these minerals by itself potentiates the structural alteration of the salt crystals, which significantly complicates the long-term risk for the organisation of the people who consume it. 

The refined table salt treated chemically. After the chemical purification as a result of the processes of addition and drying nothing is left other than sodium chloride. An artificial chemical element that the body usually rejects.

Structure of White Gold Himalayan Salt

Structurally, the crystals of the conventional salt are wholly isolated from each other, instead of being connected in harmony as seen in natural salt. Even when viewed under a microscope, natural salt crystals take on perfectly coordinated forms, with exquisite lines and regularity, which draws attention from the holistic point of view, since it is evident that even within their internal forms nature is harmonious, just like the human body.

The following photograph of "White Gold Himalayan Salt" shows the perfection in the form of the crystals of this salt.

   Himalayan Salt As A Source of Energy

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