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Unbelievable Wonders of Himalayan Salt For A Better Lifestyle

diciembre 18, 2018 4 min read

Wonders of Himalayan Salt

Wonders of Himalayan Salt 

Himalayan salt is considered to be the healthiest salt in the world. It is a hand-picked natural and purest salt. This salt is famous worldwide due to its remarkable health benefits. There are many wonders of Himalayan salt that it does not increase potassium and sodium levels in the blood and helps maintain blood pressure levels. This salt is easily digested and is known to treat many diseases that usually do not produce salt and cause harm to the body.

The Origin of Himalayan Salt

Himalayan crystalline salt comes from the high Himalayas, as the name suggests. This salt is present in Himalayan salt ranges where it is mined carefully in its purest form. It's the piece of salt which we use as a decoration piece, for eating or for taking a bath with many health benefits.

    The Origin of Himalayan Salt

The Composition of Himalayan Salt

Himalayan salt contains eighty-four minerals that are good for health. If we are talking about composition, this salt is composed of sodium chloride up to 95-98%, polychelids (potassium, calcium, sulphur, magnesium, hydrogen and oxygen) up to 2-3%. Moreover, it also contains fluoride, iodine and small amounts of numerous trace elements. Imagine the wonders of Himalayan salt with such composition. We require a solid piece of Himalayan salt that contains 84+ natural minerals, for our good health.

    The Composition of Himalayan Salt

The Nature of The Himalayan Crystalline Salt

The composition of different minerals in the Himalayan salt is different from the ordinary salt, although there are some similarities between them. The amount of trace minerals in the Himalayan salt varies, which is responsible for the healing ability of pink Himalayan salts.

Himalayan Crystalline Salt Wonders are

  • Purifies the air and kills bacteria and other germs. 
  • Makes the environment more human-friendly to breathe.
  • Naturally, it helps to increase your sleep.
  • It may help to Reduce stress and makes you feel light.
  • Continue usage of the salt lamp makes you smart and active. 
  • Increase your efficiency and workability.
  • In your place makes the environment more romantic and calm.
  • Himalayan salts emit negative ions around us, which provide us with uncountable benefits. 
  • Salt lamps and other salt products look beautiful and romantic. 
  • The Himalayan salt products are much more than like a decoration piece.
  • Himalayan salt lamp works as a safeguard for us and protects us from dust particles, germs and unseen dangerous electric waves. 
  • Nowadays, we are living in the smog of EM radiations that is spreading around us. We know that these waves are harmful to our health, also we can't live without modern technology, here Himalayan salt, and the Himalayan salt lamp can protect us against positive ions or dangerous waves.

Himalayan Salt Products

There are many Himalayan salt products that we can use for different purposes at home, like Himalayan salt lamps, slabs and Himalayan salt sole.

Five Reasons To Have Himalayan Salt Block/slab In Your Kitchen:

The Himalayan salt slab has a beautiful appearance with an eye-catching crystalline and solid impression offering a vast colour range from pure white and transparent to pink and beef red colour. There are many unique ideas to utilise the Himalayan salt slab in your kitchen.
       Five Reasons To Have Himalayan Salt Block/slab In Your Kitchen

  1. Raw foods like sashimi begin to cure if they rest longer on the salt block.
  2. Salt block offers an anti-microbial property which means that there is no need to worry about contamination.
  3. Heat the slab, and you can use it for cooking purposes as well.
  4. Salt slab used for serving chilled and frozen food like desserts and fruits etc.
  5. These blocks are so intriguing that it is almost impossible not to use them as serving platters.

Five Reasons To Replace Common Salt With Himalayan Salt:

Common salt is not healthy, the human body hardly absorbs common salt and salt minerals. The reasons to replace common salt with Himalayan salt are:        

  1. Himalayan salt has all the minerals in a colloidal form that makes it easier for our body to absorb them.
  2. The Himalayan salt is the purest form of salt existing on planet earth.
  3. One of the most unbelievable wonders of Himalayan salt is that it is naturally enriched with iodine and has 80+ minerals in its compositions that are needed by our body.
  4. Consuming Himalayan salt in your food means no more worries about the daily mineral intake.
  5. It is a proved fact, and people swear by the following benefits of replacing table salt with Himalayan salt.

     Five Reasons To Replace Common Salt With Himalayan Salt

 Role of Himalayan Salt Lamps in Smog of EM Radiations:

We live in a smog of electromagnetic (EM) waves carrying positively charged ions and is causing chronic muscle fatigue, increasing the stress levels and reducing the immunity of our body. Himalayan salt plays its role in this dangerous situation as well.

  1. Himalayan salt lamps emit negative ions that bind positives ions, thus, creating a fresher atmosphere.
  2. Studies proved that people who worked in the presence of negative ions had better performance and had low-stress. Himalayan salt lamps do the job beautifully.
  3. They also add up to the beauty and grace of the place.
  4. More exposure to the blue light causes a disturbance in sleep patterns. But imagine an evening with amber coloured and mind-relaxing with beautiful light emitting from beautiful crystals placed in a perfect corner, creating a dreamy emanation.
  5. It will provide help with moods, sleep patterns and allergies as it will absorb little moulds and some dangerous chemicals, and will relieve asthma as well.
  6. As Himalayan salt is hygroscopic, it absorbs water vapours from the environment also trapping harmful pollutants.

       Role of Himalayan Salt Lamps in Smog of EM Radiations

Why Should We Get The SourceDIY Himalayan Salt Products?

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