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3 Ways How Himalayan Salt Lamp Clean Up Negative Energies of Your Home

diciembre 01, 2018 5 min read

3 Easy Ways to Clean Up the Energies of Your Home

3 Easy Ways to Clean Up the Negative Energies of Your Home by Using Himalayan Salt Lamps

There are many contaminants and energies that always surrounds us and put a bad impact. So, it is very important to clean up these negative energies from home.  

How Do You Feel at Home?

Does your home have a good vibe? Do you breathe in an upright atmosphere? Does it inspire peace and invite you to stay for a long time?

The decoration, the cleaning, the lighting and the order, are relevant variables that can make us feel more comfortable in our home, but what about the energies? Do we pay the attention they deserve?

Now that we have just started the take care of home, it may be a good time to take care of this and make the more harmonious and energetic in your home.

             3 Easy Ways to Clean Up the Negative Energies of Your Home

Promote Positive Energies at Home

There are three straightforward ways to promote good energies at home. It will not cost you much, and I can assure you that you will notice the results. Himalayan salt lamps cleanup energies if they placed according to the guidelines.

(1) Use Stone of Power to Cleanup Negative Energies

Quartz is the most abundant mineral on Earth. It is a raw material that is pure universal energy. Some even call it the "stone of power" and it has been used since ancient times in magical and healing rituals.

                       Use Stone of Power to Cleanup Negative Energies       

How Quartz Work to Cleanup Negative Energies

It has been shown that because of their molecular properties, quartz bits in the form of tips are very useful for transforming, absorbing, balancing and projecting energy. They are lovely to absorb and clean the environments loaded with radiations and negative energies. Put some quartz tips on or near the TV and computer and become the receivers of the harmful emissions of these devices and then transform them. That is why they are also called protective gems because they can protect us from the dangerous energy created by electromagnetic fields. We do not see practically the TV, but still, I have them next to them, and they are even decorative.

              How Quartz Work to Cleanup Negative Energies     

How to Clean Quartz

Something notable about quartz is that from time to time you need to clean it, energetically speaking. There are several ways to do this, but one of the most common is to immerse it in a container full of fat salt and leave it buried there overnight. Then run it through the cold tap water and let it dry. 

(2) Put A Glass Lamp of Himalayan Salt In Your Life to Cleanup Negative Energies

The lamp of Himalayan salt cleanup energies from your place. These lamps are so characteristic that you can find from any herbalist or shop of natural products (also from our SourceDIY ). They are decontaminants and purifies the air by the process of ionisation of the air that they provoke. There are many other unbelievable wonders of Himalayan salt lamps for a better lifestyle.

                  Put A Glass Lamp of Himalayan Salt In Your Life    

How Do Salt Lamps Work to Cleanup Energies

The explanation is simple. Salt contains almost all trace elements, especially iodine. Iodine is the one that enriches the environment with negative ions, which are the ones found mostly in natural habitats (mountain, forest). In urban settings, there is an excess of positive atoms in the air molecules, which is detrimental to our health. These lamps do emit negative ions both day and night, which stick to the positive (those who have lost their oxygen molecules) and neutralise them.

In addition to its orange and natural light, creating a balanced and calm environment that favours the well - being and relaxation. That is why the Himalayan salt lamps use from many centuries in the wisdom of Feng Shui, and also for meditation.

         How Do Salt Lamps Work to Cleanup Energies

Some Tips to Use Salt Lamps:

It is essential to have the salt lamp on for as long as possible because it is on heating that causes the ionisation process.

The recommendation is to have a salt lamp of 1-2 kg every 12 square meters (a salt light like one of the photos per room), although this will also depend on the size of the room, as there are many sizes available of Salt Lamps.

Himalayan Salt Lamps Reinforcing the Effect of Quartz

Lamps of Himalayan salt cleanup energies by absorbing the excess of electromagnetic waves emitted by the television and computer, thus reinforcing the effect of the quartz tips.

  • They absorb moisture.
  • They neutralise the bad smells, the smoke of the tobacco.
  • They absorb dust.
  • They help cleanse the negativity of the environment.

Himalayan salt covered the Himalayan mountain range, after the Earth's tectonic plates collided, the mountains rose upwards, leaving a significant concentration of salt rich in trace elements on its surface, which along with other minerals has that characteristic orange colour.

Keep the Himalayan salt lamps in the place where you spend your most of the time. Himalayan salt lamps also help to combat depression and anxiety.

                            Himalayan Salt Lamps Reinforcing the Effect of Quartz

(3) Hang A Glass Sphere In The Window to Cleanup Negative Energies

According to Feng Shui, crystal spheres are ideal for expanding energy, or Chi, in a harmonious way throughout the environment.

The spherical shape helps to redistribute energy, balancing it, whether it flows too fast or too slowly, Placing the glass sphere near the window, the lamp capture the sunlight and flood all the space of brightness and rainbow of colours, which are the ones that activate not only the energy of the place but also of the people. In this way Himalayan salt spheres cleanup energies from home.       

                         Hang A Glass Sphere In The Window to Cleanup Negative Energies           

A Place to Keep Himalayan Salt Spheres to cleanup Negative Energies

At home, we have a sphere in the living room and another in each bedroom, and there is a moment in the morning, where we can hunt the rainbows that are reflected everywhere, and the sensations they provoke are great!

Also, they can be located in other strategic sites depending on the needs of your home. For example, If the front of the house faces a highway, or train tracks, or a busy street, then with more reason you should still put it near the window. If the hallway of your house is long and narrow, a sphere of this type will help to distribute energy well throughout the home.

The same in the rooms where there is little light.

It can also be placed at the entrance, to attract good energy towards the interior.

Alternatively, in the bathroom, which is a place where you lose much energy.

       A Place to Keep Himalayan Salt Spheres to cleanup Negative Energies 

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