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Quick Overview:

Candle holders, when lit and heated, emit negative ions into the atmosphere. Negative ions purify and clean the air and also combat the harmful effects of positive ionisation caused by electromagnetic radiation, which originates from TVs, monitors, computers, appliances, Wi-Fi, cell phones, etc. 


Himalayan crystal salt candle holders help to counteract the adverse effects of positive ions in your living environment, office or any place you choose to put your salt candle holder. When lit, they emit negative ions; helping to cleanse the air you breathe, while providing a calming atmosphere. Their beautiful, vibrant shades of pinks and oranges mixed with their soft glow bring feelings of soothing comfort and support, positively enhancing your mood and creating a relaxed ambience.

Simply drop a tealight candle into your Himalayan crystal salt candle holder, and the heat from the candle reacts with the natural crystal salt, releasing negative ions into the air. The longer the candle burns in the salt candle holder, the more plentiful the emission of negative ions to help cleanse the air and dilute odours naturally.

Care: Salt is hygroscopic meaning it will absorb moisture and liquid from the air. As long as you do not submerge the crystal in water or expose it to excessive moisture, the candle holder will last virtually forever, but at times of extreme humidity, the salt may "sweat". We recommend placing a dish or a non-paper coaster underneath the candle holder if the surface upon which it is placed is sensitive. If your candle holder gets black & sooty use a damp cloth to wipe it down.

Candle not included.