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5 Smart Ideas For Choosing Your Bedside Salt Lamp

décembre 08, 2018 5 min read

5 Smart Ideas For Choosing Your Bedside Lamp

Choosing Bedside Salt Lamp

Salt Lamps has a utility function; It gives you light when you are lying and also a decorative object. So, forget about grandma's pea-shade lamp and tempted by the unique Himalayan Salt bedside lamp that will seduce you.

Carefully choose Himalayan salt beside lamp and put it in each of your room. Here are our five smart ideas for making the right choices.


1. Light On The Bedside Salt Lamp

Side lamp is a simple accessory. Just place a bedside salt lamp on the side table to renovate a place. It is a functional element of the room that must blend into the aesthetics of the room. It sublimates the general style with a discreet touch. Himalayan salt lamps can be amazing bedside lights as they give you the soft light while lying on the bed and also provide many health benefits and makes the sleep more worthy.

The view on the bedside salt lamp is very calm and soothing that depends upon the person’s habit that whether they like bright or dim light to sleep and it could change accordingly. The choice of the bedside salt lamp depends on the atmosphere where it has to place. Prevail, two elements to choose at best, the foot and the lampshade.

       Light On The Bedside Lamp

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2. Choose Bedside Salt Lamp According To The Use

First, determine the use that you will make and then design bedside salt lamp. For excellent illumination, favour a large shade which diffuses the light better or no shade at all, and a foot high enough so that it distributes the light well in space. The other solution is to opt for a lamp suspended from the ceiling, which offers better reading comfort. It is also possible to select a luminaire without foot or lamp shade.

For additional or decorative lighting, you can give free rein to your desires regarding shape, material, colour and pattern.

Once your use is determined, it remains to find the model that suits you among the thousands that exist.


        Choose Beside Lamp According To The Use

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3. Choose Soft Designs Of The Bedside Salt Lamp

Adopt a classic bedside salt lamp with a soft design whose sole is original and purified. An outline that includes foot and lampshade support a lamp, the foot becomes the central element, while the lampshade is discreet.

A lampstand made of chrome metal that brings a durable design at a low cost. You can choose the tubular, rectangles or oval feet.

A lamp in opal, round or cubic glass, placed on a brushed metal base, the whole installed on a black bedside table.

4. Bedside Salt Lamp Design And Technology

A bedside salt lamp must be both aesthetic and economic. The real technology implies ease of use in everyday life that sometimes a simple touch, is sufficient to activate the bulb. The models of tactile salt lamps are very diverse and for all tastes, and they offer many advantages.

Some models offer to modulate the intensity of light with simple hand pressure on the base. These brightness shades allow you to switch from reading to sifting mode in the blink of an eye, to fall asleep in peace. There are recent researches on the salt lamps about their designs and benefits.


      Bedside Lamp Design And Technology

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5. Eco-friendly Bedside Salt Lamp

The blends of a mix of wood and colours to bedside salt lamp provide a biased design that refers to distant northern origins.

There is nothing more attractive and soothing than a lamp that blends wood and salt. It not only gives the bedroom an undisputable touch, but it is also ideally suited to a decoration oriented towards modernity. It is also possible to select a combination of different woods: beech and light oak. It also provides uncountable health benefits.

The ultimate pleasure is to find a bedside salt lamp manufactured from a real branch of natural timber; a fixed rope suspended a bulb on it, which will ensure its originality!

There are many other places to keep a salt lamp rather than the bedside that also gives many health benefits.


    Eco-friendly Bedside Lamp

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Safety Precautions for the Bedside Salt Lamp

There are some safety measures for the bedside salt lamp to protect them from breakage.

1. Use Clean Hands to Install Bedside Salt Lamp

Before you start installing the lamp, be sure to clean your hands. This is because the oil in your skin can get into the bulb and when it's hot, it can crack the glass and fuse the bulb. You can also use scarves or a paper towel to handle the bulb.

2. Do not press too hard

Bulbs of bedside salt lamps are relatively small. Do not overtighten them when you screw them in the holder; in this way, they could break.

     Safety Precautions for the Beside Salt Lamp

How to Use the Bedside Salt Lamp

1. Keep the Salt Lamp On

It is essential that the lamp remains as hot as possible so that it heats by the warmth of the bulb. Since these salt lamps are hygroscopic, they must be intense to remove moisture from the air. If they can not do that, they can run away. If you do not leave the lights on for long periods, it may start to "sweat" and lose salt. We recommend 24 hours per day and seven days per week.

2.  Choose the Right Bulb for Bedside Salt Lamp

All light bulbs do not produce heat. Therefore, if you do not choose the right bulb for the salt lamp, it will not provide the health benefits it can assume because the bulb inside does not yield heat.

An excellent way to know if the bulb (and therefore the lamp) is doing its job is to touch the salt lamp to see if it is slightly hot or not. If it is hot, that means the bedside salt lamp is doing its job correctly.

       How to Use the Beside Salt Lamp

How to Handle the Bedside Salt Lamp?

Stirring a bedside salt lamp is not as easy as moving another lamp. If the bulb exclusive the light touches the inside of the salt lamp, several problems can occur:

  1. The Bulb can Crack:

It can break and melt if it hits hard inside the salt lamp.

  1. The Bulb can Carry Water:

The water inside the lamp may drip on the bulb and cause the hot glass to crack.

  1. The lamp holder can carry water:

Water can also flow into the lamp holder, causing rust and damage to electrical components. This will result in a broken wire or blisters that continuously blow.   

To Avoid Possible Past Problems, Follow These Steps When Handling Bedside Salt Lamp.

Step 1:

Turn off the lamp before moving it for the bulb to cool down.

Step 2:

When it's cold, lift and move the beside salt lamp where you need it.

Step 3:

If you need to move it further, carefully remove the bulb holder from the lamp and connect the cable separately to the light, then reinstall it in the new place.

        How to Handle the Beside Salt Lamp?    

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