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All About Himalayan Salt Lamps

décembre 11, 2018 5 min read

All About Himalayan Salt Lamps

All About Himalayan Salt Lamps

If you want to know all about Himalayan salt lamps, read this article carefully. The mineral structure of the Himalayan salt can change from crystalline to liquid when it is heated. When its surface heats up more than the surrounding air, it attracts moisture from the atmosphere. Scientifically speaking, the mineral salts of the Himalayas divides into sodium ions (positive) and independent (negative) chloride ions.

The salt crystal creates a natural energy field. On a scientific level, this natural ionization process takes place millions of times, invisible to the eyes and without any influence on the quality of the crystal.

The salt of the Himalayas absorbs negative and unbalanced energy, reducing the space to the neutral state. Eliminating moisture from the air also removes toxins, such as bacteria and mould. Sleeping with a salt lamp and plants in your room does a lot for your health and purify the air.

The Salt Lamps Of The Himalayas Are Said To Be:

  •  Purify air 
  •  Reduce airborne bacteria 
  •  Naturally, improve mood
  •  Relieve problems in the upper respiratory system 
  •  Increase alertness 
  •  Increase productivity and concentration 
  •  Reduce susceptibility to colds and flu

                 Benefits of salt lamps

Why Are Salt Lamps Good For You?

Salt Lamps as Air Vitamins

In addition to being beautiful, salt lamps release negative ions. These negative ions neutralise the positive ions emitted by computers, televisions, electrical transmission wires and so on. Negative ions create an environment similar to that found near the sea or a waterfall and help to cool the air. Air quality is significant to your health and well-being. Some people call negative ions "air vitamins". This is not all about Himalayan salt lamps, there is much more than then that.

Salt Lamps Quickly Improve Environment

Salt lamps quickly improve our environment, not only by the ionising effect but also by the beautiful light they emit in a room! It is strongly recommended to use them near a TV or computer, in a place where people smoke or an air-conditioned room.

The salt lamps should remain on at all times so that they act at their full potential

          Why Are Salt Lamps Good For You

From Where The Salt Lamps Come?

The crystalline salt comes from ancient seas and found in the foothills of the Himalayas of Pakistan more than 250 million years ago. Salt crystals of this quality are rare. They formed by the pressure exerted by the high mountain range on the ancient sea. The energy in these salts and their crystalline structure is directly proportional to the force exerted on them. The salt lamps of the Himalayas spend all this energy and the goodness of the crystals when the light lit inside or with the help of a lit candle. These salt lamps are available in various colours and natural shapes.

The Composition of Himalayan Salt Lamps

It is fascinating to discover that the components of the crystalline salt of the Himalayas are identical to that of the ancient primordial ocean which, ironically, has a similar composition of our blood; It is a saline or liquid solution composed of water and salt. The salt of the Himalayas contains all the elements that found in our natural bodies, for example, iron. Surprisingly, it constitutes 84 trace elements. No other creation in the world can boast of this fact and, for this reason, it was historically known as "the king salt", "salt of life" or "white gold" because it reserves for royalty. The alchemists called it "the fifth element", in addition to air, water, earth and fire, since its qualities were comparable only to the ether, the fifth real element.

    The Composition of Himalayan Salt Lamps

How Are The Salt Lamps Manufactured?

Salt lamps manufactured from the rocks of crystalline salt. Explosives and ordinary methods cannot be used to extract it from crystalline salt; It must be handcrafted to retain its original structure. It means that each salt lamp is different in size, shape, colour and intensity. Each salt lamp is unique. These salt lamps are extracted from the depths of the mountain and made by hand and left to dry in the sun. These lamps are dug in the middle to help us put a light bulb or candle inside.

Where Should I Put My Salt Lamp?

  • Near a TV or computer 
  • In a child's bedroom (also an excellent night light) 
  • A smoking room 
  • A massage room 
  • A meditation room
  • An exercise room like a yoga studio or Pilates
  • Allergic people should have one where they spend much time 
  • In the office
  • A waiting room
  • Anywhere you want to look cleaner and fresher.

       Where to Put Salt Lamp

Uses Of A Salt Lamp:

Though salt lamps are not medical mentions, these are frequently used to treat many conditions because of the negative ions they release. Several therapists and homoeopaths recommend crystal salt lamps to help with the treatment of several diseases such as:

  • Head pains
  • Sinus disorders
  • Allergic rhinitis
  • Reduction of asthma attacks
  • Support of the immune system

What Is The Effect Of Different Colours?

The colour variety of salt lamps is with the iron and copper contained in the salt. These naturally occurring elements can create colours ranging from yellow to red, to peach and orange. You can also change the colour using colour bulbs.

Because of the connection with crystals, salt lamps are perfect for use in colour therapy. Each colour has its signature energy, as seen in the separation of white light in the rainbow as it passes through a prism. Thus, the power of each colour reaches a part of the body that needs it!

   What Is The Effect Of Different Colours of salt lamps

What Special Maintenance Does My Salt Lamp Need?

Although salt lamps are very durable and can last for decades if appropriately used, improper use or negligence can lead to many problems, including the many fusing of bulbs and broken wires.

The salt lamp will absorb moisture, which can cause salt to build up if it is not correctly maintained. Therefore, keep it on as often as possible to dry out any excess moisture. And cover it with a plastic bag if you do not use it.

What Size Should I Choose for Salt Lamp?

The salt lamp selected according to the scale of the room and the amount of electromagnetic activity. For example, in a small bedroom, without a television or computer, only a small lamp will suffice. On the other hand, in a large electronically equipped salon, a large salt lamp or several small lamps placed strategically would be recommended. 

Salt Lamp Size Guide:

  1. Micro Himalayan Salt Lamp is of 1-3 kg
  2. Jumbo Himalayan Salt Lamp is of 3-90 kg
  3. Custom Himalayan Salt lamp is of 90-135 kg

    What Size Should Choose for Salt Lamp

How to Find Fake Himalayan Salt Lamp

The most remarkable thing about salt lamps in the Himalayas is that many of them are indeed fake. If you bought a white crystal salt lamp at an average cost, it has an extra luminosity, does not hold moisture, has high durability and strength, and you did not experience any health effects it means that you bought a fake Himalayan salt lamp. The lamps themselves do not produce negative ions.

If you are unsure of the validity of your lamp, you can always ask about the country of origin of the crystal salt lamp to determine if your lamp is real or fake and that's all about Himalayan salt lamps.

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