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How Long Himalayan Salt Lamp Will Last

décembre 02, 2018 4 min read

How Long Himalayan Salt Lamp Will Last

How Long Do Salt Lamps Last?

Himalayan salt lamps are a fabulous piece of work. Just the little view of it can persuade feelings of serenity, happiness, and wonder. Not to mention some of the health developments that you might have had noted from consuming one. Explicably, ‘’how long do salt lamps last?’’ might be a question consecutively in your observance already. Himalayan salt lamp lasting depends upon how you keep and use it.

So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to discover this question and other belongings you want to recognise about your Himalayan rock salt lamp. 

     How Long Do Salt Lamps Last

Some of the Possessions of the Himalayan Salt Lamps 

There are some possessions of Himalayan salt on which Himalayan salt lamp lasting depends upon.

1.  Himalayan Salt Lamps are Hygroscopic:

Hygroscopic means that salt tends to engross moisture, consequently becoming damp and sticky. Salt lamp work when water vapour is drawn into the molecules of the salt, resulting in some physical change. Thus, it’s pretty standard that you find your Himalayan salt lamp sweating when the weather is unusually wet or moist. If it isn’t, then maybe it’s because you didn’t get the real deal, and the Himalayan salt lamp is fake.

    Himalayan Salt Lamps are Hygroscopic

2.   Water Solubility of Himalayan Salt:

The fact that we flavour food with salt should make this pretty. But impartial how soluble is salt in water? Well, 35.6 grams of salt will liquify in 100 grams of liquid at 0°C and 39.2 grams per capita 100 grams at 100°C.

 So, you can imagine how much water it would take to thoroughly dissolve your salt lamp, leaving behind a single bulb and its cord. However, this also means that little exchange with water will trim an undistinguishable surface.

                  Water Solubility of Himalayan Salt

3.  Hard yet Brittle:

Salt records a 2.5 on the MOH scale of hardness. Just how hard is that? Let’s say; it’s a bit higher than talc crystal on the level, which is attached at 1; it’s as reliable as gold, which is also a 2.5; and, perceptibly, drop beyond the diamond, which is a 10.

 But unlike gold which is flexible, your lamp of salt is fragile. Salt crystals have tight-packed frameworks with the positive and negative ions firmly attached and in certain positions. So, when you apply severe pressure on your salt crystal, they come apart leaving a splintery surface.

If Himalayan salt lamps are moisture-riveting, water soluble, and hard yet stiff, how long can you suppose them to last? Well, there’s a calm answer to how long your salt lamp will last.

                   Hard yet Brittle

How The Himalayan Salt Lamp Will Last Long

  • If you have not noticed much sweltering on your Himalayan salt lamps when turned off, then that revenue you live in a pretty dry atmosphere or that you have found a right advert for your Himalayan salt lamp—or you got a bogus one! Whichever be the case, you will see later you a very long time without demanding much preservation toil.
  • Now, if you don’t stay in a dry atmosphere and it’s sweating as it should, you don’t have to look at your stunning natural Himalayan salt lamp reflectively and woefully. Neither do you have to pile more salt lamps as substitutes—because just the same they’re going to melt unless you line them anywhere else! What you need to do is to upkeep for your lamp correctly. So, how it is possible?
  • Find a safe place for your lamp. Again, your salt lamp is hard yet stiff. A smash now and then will source it to chip off. And should it bead from a high place, you’d be lucky if it doesn’t smash into pieces.
  • Turn it on. If your salt lamp has composed a pool of water below, then it’s not a good sign that you haven’t been consuming it as you should. So, light up your pretty lamp at least 16 hours a day if you’re not relaxed with taking it on 24/7. By custody your salt sunlit on, the bulb warms up and dries out the moistness the Himalayan salt lamp has engrossed.
  • Besides, if you’re observing your lamp as an ioniser, then you want to warm up the salt crystal with the bright for it to be stimulated. Otherwise, it’s just a lovely piece of enhancement sitting on top of the counter.
  • Keep it apart from wet or moist areas. Some portions of the house are more damp or wet than others. Your kitchen and bathroom, in particular, will distress your salt lamp damagingly. Your living areas or any place in the house that clothes drier will be best for your rock salt lamp.
  • If you want to clean it, then smear it with a wet cloth. Has your lamp been build-up dust? A good spring cleaning is in order. However, don’t line it down with water or sparkling it under the sink. Water will destroy layers of your rock salt. A moist cloth will do the trick. But how is it done correctly?
  • First of all turn-off and unplug your salt lamp before dusting it. Next, get a lint-free cloth, immerse it in water, squeeze as much water as you can from it, and faultlessly it gently on the external of the salt lamp. When done, wad the light back in to dry. 

         How The Himalayan Salt Lamp Will Last Long

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