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How The Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp Can Make You Happy

décembre 18, 2018 3 min read

How Salt Lamps Can Make You Happy

How Salt Lamps Can Make You Happy

The crystal salt lamp of the Himalayas manufactured from a part of Himalayan salt. The inside of the piece is dug to make a place for a tiny bulb. These salt lamps clean the air you breathe and can improve your feeling of happiness and makes you happy.

Positive Ions Emission From Electronic Equipment:

The positive ions come from various electronic equipment such as televisions, microwaves, computers, etc. Our bodies are affected by positive ions. They have harmful consequences and can cause severe disturbances in the body.

The toxins that exist in the air such as bacteria, moulds and allergens have positive charges. The excessiveness of positive charges in the air creates more airborne toxins.

      Positive Ions Emission From Electronic Equipment 

How to Identify High Concentration of Positive Ions

If you feel slow and you are suffocating, it means that there are a lot of positive ions in the air. Further, these positive charges can influence you by causing a high fog in the brain, interrupted sleep, nervousness, the build-up of free radicals in your body and more physical stress. It is therefore essential to neutralise the positive ions you breathe in the air.

The Contribution of Negative Ions from Salt Lamp in making you Happy:

After a day at the seaside, we feel a sense of well-being and peace. The reason we feel better after spending time on the beach or after a shower is the negative ions that fill the air that is beneficial for health.

Indeed, in places like the beach, there may be up to 10,000 negative ions per cubic centimetre. In the city, negative ions do not exceed 100 per cubic centimetre. The difference is enormous!

What makes the Himalayan Salt lamps so interesting is that it produces negative ions and makes the air in our interiors like that of the seaside or a waterfall. These ions can soothe and distress by making us happy.

      The Negative Ions Emissions By Salt Lamp

How Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Work?

Himalayan salt lamps work by producing more negative ions in the environment. When the lamp becomes hot, It warms the crystal. The crystal creates negative ions that inject into the air. That makes it possible to neutralise the atmosphere of a room charged with positive ions.

The operation of these lamps is therefore straightforward: they eliminate positive ions which are sources of physical disturbances and reduce atmospheric toxins.

     How Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Work

How To Select The Right Crystal Salt Lamp?

There are a lot of fake salt lamps, in the market. When you buy your salt lamp, please confirm that it is from the Himalayan region which is pure Himalayan salt crystals.

The Real Salt Lamp Becomes Wet 

If your salt lamp sometimes gets wet, it is perfectly reasonable! It is merely an atmospheric phenomenon because the salt lamp attracts water, but this water vanishes quickly due to the heat of the bulb. This process of evaporation generates negative ions, and this is what makes it moist. 
For this reason, it is essential to notice where you place your lamp, especially if it is a wooden surface. Put a tray underneath it to collect the evaporating water.

                         real salt lamp becomes wet

Where To Place The Lamp Of Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Unfortunately, the effect of salt lamps is limited in space. A single salt lamp will not be able to refine the entire house. Place the Himalayan salt lamp where you spend most of your time if not in the room place it with electronic equipment.

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