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What is Genuine Himalayan Salt Lamp and its Benefits

novembre 30, 2018 4 min read

What Are The Benefits Of Crystal Salt Lamp

Genuine Himalayan Salt Lamp

Each Himalayan natural salts lamp is unique and is hand-carved from salts excavated in 250 million-year-old deposits in the Himalayan mountains. The salts lamps that drive from the Himalayas are genuine, and these lamps are always popular among the people. They are distinguished from other lights by the felted lighting they produce, which many people immediately find particularly calming, and without any particular reason. More than just objects of decoration, these lamps are real sources of immediate well-being. They act in many areas, both physically and mentally, air purification, stress reduction, increased energy and improved sleep.

Where do these effects come from and what are The virtues of Genuine Himalayan crystal salts lamps? Let's discover them together.

Identify the Genuine Himalayan Salts Lamp

Each salts lamp has its certificate of authenticity. Some of the questions that you would know to identify the original Himalayan salts lamp are:

  • Time of harvesting from the mine.
  • The ship in which it was
  • The date of its arrival in the country.
  • The level of contamination in a salts lamp with additives, chemicals or pollution.

Do not be fooled by cheap imitations that are not original salts crystals of the Himalayas, many have been subject to factory recalls and can also be harmful to your health. There are some ways to identify the fake Himalayan salts lamps.

    Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps

Problems that Salts Lamp controls in the atmosphere

  • Positive Ions
  • Unbalance of Air
  • Health Issues

1. How Positive ions Disturb the Natural Balance of Air

The atmosphere around us is charged with electrical particles and in particular with ions, both positive and negative, in equal parts. It is important to respect this balance to feel at ease in any environment. 

However, many elements that are inseparable from our modern life emit a surplus of positive ions, which results in disrupting our physical and psychic well-being. Positive ions are associated with light and are especially emitted in large quantities by screens: computers, televisions, tablets, these are vectors of electromagnetic pollution and therefore sources of fatigue.

     How Positive ions Disturb the natural Balance of Air

2. Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps Balancing the Air Around Us 

Himalayan salt lamps emit negative ions, the chief virtue of crystal salt lamps is to restore this ionic balance in the air. Negative ions associated with nature, especially water. The waterfalls in the mountains are an excellent source of negative ions, and many know the calming effect that one feels beside. Given the pervasiveness of electronic devices in our everyday life in our homes and offices, The benefits of crystal salt lamps are that they help purify the atmosphere by rebalancing the charge of ions in the air.

       Himalayan Salt Lamps Balancing the Air Around Us

3. Negative Ions from Salts Lamp as an Air Vitamins

When the salts lamp is heated, it releases negative ions, also called "air vitamins," which create an effect similar to that of an ioniser, purify the ambient air and further balance the body. Salts lamps capture moisture from the atmosphere and convert positive ions into healthy negative ions. These negative ions and amber light tone calm the nerves, revitalise the cells, purify the air and allow the mind to relax and feel more comfortable.

The Double Effect of Light of Genuine Himalayan Salt lamp: Calm And Dynamic

Besides their ionization effects, the crystal salt lamps of the Himalayas give the room a soothing look. Stained and indirect, the light produced by these lamps has an almost immediate relaxing effect on the majority of people. Notably, because it is the same type of luminosity pink or orange that we perceive in the belly of our mother, warm and reassuring. Since the colour also recalls that of the sunlight, these lamps use during sessions of chromotherapy, they allow energising the patient and also used in Halotherapy and light therapy.

     The Double Effect of Light of Himalayan Salt lamp: Calm And Dynamic

Benefits of Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps for All

Each crystal salt lamp is unique because they produce from different types of natural elements, and their concentration is also varied according to the size and shape. While everyone can benefit, its effects will improve the feelings of several categories of people, because they cleanse the air.

    Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps for All

Where to Place Crystal Salt Lamps to Benefit Optimally

The soothing effect of the Himalayan crystal salt lamps will be felt more in an intimate room, where one already feels at home. It can be in the bedroom, to relax before going to sleep. Alternatively, in the living room, near the TV or computer screen to limit the tiring effects of electromagnetic pollution. In an office, the crystal salt lamp will help with concentration. It can also be placed at the entrance of the house, to create a kind of decompression airlock between the outside world and the warmth of its home. They can also be used in professional spaces, especially those linked to well-being and relaxation. Many psychologists, masseurs, therapists and beauticians use salt crystal lamps to create an inviting atmosphere for their clients and patients.

Similarly, they are found in many yoga studios. The calming effect of the salt crystal will also help you relax during your meditation session.

      Where to Place Salt Crystal Lamps to Benefit Optimally

Care for the Genuine Himalayan Salts Lamp

  1. Remove the plastic packaging from your Himalayan salt lamp.
  2. Screw the bulb into the power cord, then gently insert the bulb and wire into the base of the lamp until the bulb touches the top.
  3. Place your Himalayan salt lamp on a plate to protect the furniture.
  4. Plug the power cord into the power supply and turn it on.
  5. It is recommended to leave the lamp on permanently when someone is at home to get the maximum benefit from it.
  6. Dry the inside and outside of the salt light and bulb before turning it back on.

Remember that Himalayan salt lamps are electrical devices, which must be used at all times with care and common sense. If you have to be away for a long time, be sure to turn off the lamp, unplug the power cord and bulb, wrap it with an adhesive film, plastic bag or a towel until your return.

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