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Best Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp 100% Authentic & Premium Quality

Authentic Salt lamps

Himalayan Salt lamp Comes in different Shapes, sizes and Colours handcrafted by the directly employed premium craftsman. At SourceDIY we always ensure the Best quality of our salt lamps from Mining (salt extraction) to delivery.

Based on our vast Experience we have created an infrastructure where we can control the quality and delivery of 100% authentic and Premium quality salt lamps at our customer's doorstep. Hence this is the reason that we are a Bestseller on Amazon UK from last three years. Based on increasing demand we have expanded our business to many other countries including Germany, Italy France, Spain and other european countries.

Unique Shape and Size

All of our Natural Salt Lamps are Handcrafted, this makes them unique by their look, shape and size this makes every Lamp unique, no two Lamps can be same and being natural colour may vary slightly.

Our Salt Lamps comes in different sizes, as it is a natural item, we cannot sell as a fixed weight, our lamps always come in weight range varying in size from 1-2 Kilograms all they way up to 20 Kilograms.

We can also do the custom sizes based on individual requests; please feel free to contact us using the contact form at the end of this page.

Room Size Guide

Based on many different pieces of research here is the guide to choose the correct size lamp for your room:

For more information, please see our Salt Lamp Room Size Guide Blog

Electric Plug Type

All of our Salt Lamps comes with:

  • British Standard certified and CE Electric Plug / Bulb for UK & Northern Ireland Customers
  • CE Certified Electric Plug / Bulb for the European customers
  • To ensure the safety and quality of our products we ensure that deliveries are made with plug and use Feature with minimal Assembling effort

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