Best Dry Cereal Storage Containers Double Dry Food Dispenser UK

Size Guide
Best Cereal Storage
Our best cereal storage manufactured with a high-quality material which is Scratch-resistant, Long-lasting, unbreakable manufacture.
Double Dry Food Dispenser
Our brand new double dry food dispenser, which holds up to 3L food in each canister and is appropriate for various types of dry foods. It keeps food sanitary and germ-free to provide a healthy lifestyle for its user
Cereal Storage Containers
Cereal storage containers are hermetically sealed which preserves the freshness of dry food. Flexible paddle wheel helps prevent crushing of cereal and give out a measured amount with each twist.
Fresh And Easy Cereal Dispenser
Suitable for use in kitchens or food storage rooms for a wide variety of dry foods. Easy Cereal dispenser will keep the food fresh for a long time and very easy to refill and operate and clean.
7.5" D x 13" W x 16.3";
Dispenser Opening
3-Inches from Platform.