Best Stainless Steel Casserole Pot Kitchen Cookware With Glass Lid

Size Guide
Stainless Steel Casserole Pot
Made from high-quality stainless steel. Casserole pots are ideal for cooking a wide range of ingredients, and it can be used to prepare a multitude of foods to perfection.
Best Casserole Cookware
Our best Casserole cookware is so flexible for cooking, large enough to boil family quantities of potatoes or pasta great for stews curries and soups but equally capable of roasting baking or cooking.
Casserole With Glass Lid
The lid is made up of high-quality, heat-resistant glass which shatters resistant and allows you to check the progress of your food without removing the top hence promoting efficient cooking.
Easy Clean Casserole Pot
Cleaning the stains and getting your hands rough is hated by all chefs and home-makers. We have built this easy clean casserole pot with lid. Quick release and easy clean-up cooking surface
Size and Capacity
20 cm 3.7 Litre
22 cm 4.7 Litre
24 cm 5.8 Litre
26 cm 7.5 Litre
28 cm 10.0 Litre
30 cm 12.3 Litre
32 cm 14.6 Litre