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Differences Between Common Refined Salt And Himalaya Salt

Kasım 02, 2018 4 min read

Differences Between Common Refined Salt And Himalaya Salt

Importance of Salt for Maintaining Body Balance

It is true that salt is essential for life, you cannot live without it. Salt is necessary for the regulation of arterial pressure and the synthesis of food at the cellular level.

Why Common Salt is more Familiar than the Himalayan Salt

Why is it so familiar to use refined cooking salt? Among other things, due to advertising and precisely to that the Himalayan natural salt is little known. It is only for about fifteen or twenty years to the date that the natural and crystalline salt deposits of the Himalayan Mountains have begun to explode, so it is a relatively new food. On the other hand, advertising and marketing have made us regular consumers of ordinary table salt.

                   Why Common Salt is more Familiar than the Himalayan Salt

How Common Salt Destroys Health 

In industries common salt prepare by artificial minerals additions that characterize it. The manufacturers make table salt artificially due to the increasingly growing demand for food by a rapidly increasing population of the world, the food industry has concentrated on generating processes for the production of synthetic foods, and salt which has no health benefits but it gives only a taste.

In the first term, we can say that table salt alone lacks the natural elements required by the human body for its proper homeostatic functioning. It is a poison that gradually accumulates in our tissues, and makes the common salt destructive. The standard table salt consists of 97.50% sodium chloride and 2.50% chemical elements absorbing moisture and iodine. So, common salt is deadly. 

                  How Common Salt Destroys Health

Process on Common Salt in Industries

On the other hand, for its refining it is subjected to a drying process to extract the water and for it is subjected to minimum temperatures of six hundred and fifty degrees centigrade. This alters the chemical structure of the salt, which will cause long-term changes in health.

As A Nutrient, Common Salt Not Only Has No Value but Can Become a Destructive Poison.

For the body to metabolise the crystals of table salt must sacrifice tremendous amounts of energy. Inorganic sodium chloride destabilises the fluid balance and saturates the disposal systems, which can affect your health evidently to the inability of the organism to eliminate its wastes. Because of the reason that kidney did not eliminate waste, this is what usually causes gallstones in kidney, because the kidneys are unable to expel waste through the urine before the imbalance in the production of fluids due to the breakdown, gradually form deposits of ore that in the medium term obstruct the efferent ducts.

     As A Nutrient, Common Salt Not Only Has No Value but Can Become a Destructive Poison.

How much Energy Body Requires to Neutralize the Common Salt Molecule

When the body tries to counteract the effects of salt overdose, to which it is usually exposed daily, the body requires a high amount of energy. The water molecules surround the sodium chloride to decompose it in chloride and sodium ions so that the body can neutralize them.

For carry out the work to neutralize the salt, the body takes the water it needs from the cells, so it sacrifices the perfectly structured water which is already present in the cells to neutralize the synthetic sodium chloride. Naturally, this leads to dehydration in the cells and even premature death. Thus we can say that common salt is destructive.

Consequently, like a chain that forms a vicious circle, irreparable damage to the cell membrane can result from the ordinary table salt.

Moreover, if we add to it the oxidative stress to which the layer and the cell itself are exposed, we have the whole environment conducive to the appearance of severe degenerative diseases. That way we can save ourselves this bleak picture. Would not you be willing to take care of your health by investing in entirely natural foods, compatible with the human body?

               How much Energy Body Requires to Neutralize the Salt Molecule

Himalayan Natural Salt

Himalayan salt, on the other hand, is a healthy option if takes the right quantity in food. It contains 84 minerals that our body requires and they are essential to maintaining body balance. Also, it contains trace minerals. It is most beneficial and cleanest salt among all other ordinary salts.

Benefits that make Himalayan Salt Superior to Ordinary Table Salt

There are many Nutritional, Therapeutical and Culinary properties are present in the Himalayan natural salt. You can use it as a decoration piece for the home beauty or remove any contaminants present in the air. It can also use as a homemade scrub and in an air freshener. Himalayan salt is beneficial to use in children’s room as a nightlight and also use for the halotherapy and light therapy. Himalayan salt slabs are the trendy utensils to use in the culinary purposes.  

Himalayan salt is the purest and cleanest salt present on the planet. It is mined carefully from the mountains of Himalayas in Pakistan in its natural form to keep its benefits inside it.

     Benefits that make Himalayan Salt Superior to Ordinary Table Salt

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