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Pink Himalayan Salt Slab For Cooking & Serving Plate Wholesale UK

Size Guide
Himalayan Salt Slab
The built-up material of Himalayan salt slab is collected from deep in the historic Himalayan rock which can use in a unique way for baking, grilling and serving.
Himalayan Pink Salt Slab Cooking
Our salt slab is manufacturing with a pink Himalayan rock. Himalayan pink salt slab cooking adds delicious natural flavour to the foods like cooking fish, scallops, shrimps, beef and many more.
Salt Serving Block

Himalayan Salt's natural pink crystals also enhance food presentation, making it appropriate for serving food. Place Salt serving block in refrigerate for an hour or two and use it as a serving plate.

Himalayan Salt Slab Benefits

Cooking on a pink salt block naturally imparts the incredible health benefits. Such health benefits include balancing your body’s pH, stabilising hydration levels, improving digestion and reducing acid reflux.